Well, better get this going with a ramble

For a long time now, I’ve been accumulating a load of sketches, models, pictures, comics, books and resources, about all sorts of fun and nerdy stuff that I like.

One of the biggest influences on my childhood was the arrival of a box of GW Night Goblins, on my tenth birthday. Now, I loved these guys, but I never painted any of them. It was my Dad who had to suffer through the painting of these, with a hyper little me next to him. “Are you done yet?” I’d ask every five seconds, “No, I’ve done one brush stroke” he’d reply. Nevertheless, he painted a lot of my old models, trying to get me involved with it all, and I sunk ALL my pocket money into that and White Dwarf for quite a while.

My brother and I collected little bits of everything: Goblins & Lizardmen, LOTR galore, Orks & Space Marines, one White Dwarf himself and a variety of other odd models. Then we grew out of these “silly little models”, and life moved on, but I always kept a glass cabinet full of the painted ones in my bedroom. Whenever kids came round they’d stare wide-eyed at it, and I’d relive the thrill a little. Whenever (hopefully) romantic partners came round, I’d hope fervently that they’d just ignore it, but was surprised when several found it endearing. Whenever I moved around too heavily on the creaky floor, the glass panels would shake and I’d be scared as hell it was all going to fall apart.

Then I got older, much less bothered by people’s opinions, and had a bit of money left over every month from my student loan. A mate of mine was playing Starcraft, a game I’ve never been any good at because I have the RTS skills of a snail, and the Zerg caught my attention.

Purple goo everywhere? Check.

Horrible squelchy noises? Check.

Clicky noises coming at you even when you could see anything? Check.

Increasingly HUGE bugs that just want to devour everything? CHECK.

Now what sounds like that, and what do I remember looking at in the shop windows? TYRANIDS.


And just like that, I was sucked back into the extremely interesting world of Warhammer. I reread Gaunt’s Ghosts, Gotrek & Felix and poured my way through all the Tyranid codices, and the stories captured my attention like my 10 year old self. The best Warhammer stories contain well-timed humour, a healthy dollop of grit, “realism” and an over-abundance of blood, and they threw me back into the sketching and modelling hobby.

This is my tale, likely too long in parts, sparse whenever I get distracted by the shiniest of new things, but full of my fun. I love this stuff, and hopefully this’ll keep me going.


Well, better get this going with a ramble