The Evolution of the Tyranid Genus

Now, this may well have been done before, but I’ve been trying to map out how the Tyranid evolutions have come about/how they interact together. This was inspired by the following picture in the 3rd edition Tyranid codex, which proposed some of the links between different Tyranid types:

Tyranid Genus

I took this list, and tried to expand it to cover all the many species of Tyranid that have either joined the model range or disappeared into the mists of time. A lot of them have similar traits, and can broadly be divided into the genera list at the end of this post.

So I expanded the “family tree” to include all the different Tyranid species at the time of posting, and actually added the Carnifex genus as a group of its own. I realise now I’m comparing the original and my expanded version that I actually should have done a more clear link between the Warrior and Carnifex genera. But it’s huge, so I really cannot be bothered to redraw it all at the moment! Still, I’m quite happy with my genus tree.

Extension of the Tyranid Genus
“S” indicates Synapse, “B” indicates the creature is a Biotitan

And here is my list of different Tyranid species, done a little earlier than the map. The different models are shown in brackets after the bold name.

GAUNT – Base Tyranid Genus
Termagant (1st: Hunter-Slayer, 2nd: Plastic and Metal, 3rd: Plastic)
Hormagaunt (2nd: Metal Alienesque, 3rd: Plastic)
Gargoyle (2nd: Metal Stinger Tail, 3rd: Metal Big Crest, 5th: Plastic)
Ripper (1st: Squigs, 2nd: Metal Slugs, 3rd: Plastic on Sprues, 5th: Finecast rerelease of 2nd)
Sky-Slasher Ripper (FW: Resin)

GENESTEALER – Adsorption of Human DNA
Broodlord (1st: Patriarch, 4th: Metal, SH: Plastic, 5th: Finecast like 4th)
Genestealer (Space Hulk: Original, 1st: Purestrains, 2nd: Plastic, 4th: Plastic, SH: Plastic)
Ymgarl Genestealers – Seperated from the Hive Mind, they are a nomadic and genetically unstable mutation of the Genestealer genus. They hibernate upon a planet until a ship investigates, then sneak onto the ship and decimate its crew, passing from ship to ship, world to world, seeking contact with the Hive Mind.
Genestealer Cult (1st: Magus, Hybrids, Blood Brothers)

WARRIOR – Base Tyranid Genus
Warrior Prime (6th: Plastic)
Warrior (1st: Metal, 2nd: Plastic like 1st Ed, Metal No-Necks, 3rd: Plastic)
Shrike (FW: Resin Wings)
Parasite of Mortrex
Ravener (3rd: Metal Grin, 4th: Metal like Warrior, 5th: Plastic)
Red Terror (3rd: Metal, 5th: Finecast like 3rd)
Lictor (2nd: Metal Huge Talons, 3rd: Metal Boring Talons, 4th: Metal Good Talons, 5th: Finecast like 4th)
Deathleaper (4th: Metal, 5th: Finecast like 4th)

THROPE – Adsorption of Eldar DNA
Zoanthrope (2nd: Metal Walker, 3rd: Metal Floater, 4th: Metal Floater, 5th: Finecast like 4th)
Doom of Malantai – Elongated spine to cradle its huge brain. More vicious and powerful than the normal Zoanthropes. Serious combat potential!
Venomthrope (5th: Metal, 5th: Finecast)
– “Crawling Plague” – Three rows of vents on its back, tail is much longer and coils itself around a piece of scenery. Mouth tendrils are shorter and spread open around its mouth like it’s trying to spit out something, with liquid dripping out of it. Mutation from the new Hive Fleet Karkinos, specialised in toxic weaponry.
Malanthrope (FW: Resin)

VORE – Adsorption of Ork DNA
Biovore (2nd: Metal, 3rd: Metal, 4th: Metal, 5th: Finecast like 4th)
Pyrovore (5th: Metal)

GUARD – Adsorption of Zoat [Extinct] or Astartes DNA
Tyrant Guard (3rd: Metal Shield, 4th: Metal Bulldog, 5th: Finecast like 4th, 6th: Plastic)
Hive Guard (5th: Metal, 5th: Finecast, 6th: Plastic)

MONSTROUS CREATURES – Advanced Tyranid Genus
Hive Tyrant (2nd: Metal, 3rd: Metal Alienesque, 4th: Metal, 5th: Plastic)
Carnifex (1st: Screamer-Killer, 3rd: Metal Grin, 4th: Plastic)
Old One Eye (3rd: Metal, 5th: Finecast like 3rd)
Tervigon (5th: Plastic)
Tyrannofex (5th: Plastic)
Exocrine (Epic, Armorcast: Resin, 6th: Plastic)
Haruspex (Epic, Armorcast: Resin, 6th: Plastic)
Malefactor (Epic, Armorcast: Resin)
Dactylis ((Epic, “Forge World Models”: Resin)

Trygon Prime (5th: Plastic)
Trygon (Epic, FW: Resin, 5th: Plastic)
Mawloc (5th: Plastic)

Harpy (6th: Plastic)
Crone (6th: Plastic)

Dominatrix (Epic)
Hierodule (Epic, FW: Resin)
Hierophant (Epic, FW: Resin)
Harridan (Epic, FW: Resin)

The Evolution of the Tyranid Genus
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