Hive Fleet: Warrior’s Synaptic Web

Synapse is a necessity for the Tyranid horde, and the Warrior genus controls the Hive Minds’ influence over the lower lifeforms. While I’ll be using a variety of the old models for base Warriors, I have drawn a few different concepts for the Warrior Prime, which channels the Hive Minds will most strongly.

First of all is an advanced version of the 6th Ed. Warrior, and I’ve had a couple of the plastic Hive Tyrant legs lying around for quite a while, so I drew this to see what they could look like on a bulkier Warrior torso. Of course, he’ll be carrying a corpse of my sacrificial Ultramarines, freshly devoid of legs. I plan on bringing them in as constant punching bags!

My second prime comes from the Lictor strain of the Warrior genus, with its feeder tendrils dictating its search for fresh enemies. I also added some of the special mutations, with Dark Reaper-like blades on his Miasma Cannon. It also has the similarly large legs of the Hive Tyrant. I like these fat legs, they look kinda like if Aladdin was a Satyr!

Warrior Prime (2) Lictor-based

Finally, I started a Shrike. I never actually got round to finishing this drawing, but I do like how it turned out. He looks a bit like he has an open jacket and a popped colour!


Hive Fleet: Warrior’s Synaptic Web
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