Hive Fleet: The Tyrant Typhon and its Guard

Typhon, Lost Node of the Hive Mind

The tyrant to my Swarm is likely to be one of the most ambitious conversions I will attempt in coming years, utilising the wide body of a Trygon and the larger legs of a Tyrannofex to build a massive Hive Tyrant. Sure, this idea has been done before, but I have never quite been happy with the end product. I hope to build mine with widened legs that actually look like they can support the weight of my Tyrant, with all his weapons and movement.

Swarmlord or Tyrant (1)

I will be using some rather large magnets in this build to enable me to switch out some weapons, but as these weapons will all be oversized for a regular Tyranid, I’ll be happily building custom weapons for him. Obviously you can see the miasma cannon, built from a Tyrannofex cannon to be a rather large venom cannon, and the Maw claws that I’m not sure about as yet. I fear they could end up looking like extra heads, which really wouldn’t be what I want.

His pose won’t be as static as that in the sketch, I aim to build a stalking threatening pose in to him. His sheer size would make me quail from him in a battle, but unless I create some special rules he will be as dangerous/fragile as a normal Hive Tyrant. Green sections generally show parts that’ll need rebuilding/building up.

Swarmlord or Tyrant (4)

Head-wise, I’m not sure I want to commit to the sword-crest, but I really don’t know how else to differentiate him. Currently I’m thinking about a “crown of thorns” type head, probably built from the Tervigon head. It comes in two parts anyway, so would be easy enough to bulk out or add a crest to.

Tyrant Guard, The Disposable Shield

I joined the Warhammer 40,000 universe when I was 10, and always coveted the grinning Carnifex that strode through the midst of battle in White Dwarf battle reports. It used to tear up EVERYTHING, and back then they were really good at illustrating the battles with their words. So when I jumped back into 40k, the first model I bought was a grin-fex, who I promptly pulled apart, and never actually put back together.

I’m really glad I didn’t though, as with the ever-increasing size of Tyranid beasties, I’m not sure they would cause quite as much chaos as they used to. My fluff has already talked about how Hive Fleet Tempestus Gigantes re-uses large creatures in new roles, and these are the perfect model to use this one.

Tyrant Guard (1)

The crushing claws are intended to function as extra limbs for them to use in movement, and the heavily armoured carapace really fits with the idea of the Tyrant Guard, as their only purpose is to be a bullet shield. To this end, I’d like to make them look as armoured as possible, and the Old One Eye model will make a great example of a meatshield. I plan on modelling him so that he’s covering the Tyrant’s body from a fresh blast.

While rule-wise I’m pretty sure their load-out is not legal, I’ll just pass the crushing claws off as rending claws. There isn’t much point to adding points to these guys anyway, as they are just extra wounds really. Regardless, I don’t play games yet!

Hive Fleet: The Tyrant Typhon and its Guard
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