The BANEgryn

After drawing those Batman-inspired Night Lords the other day, I was absolutely sure I’d had a similar brainwave a year or so ago. I went searching through old sketches and ideas, and finally found what I was looking for in the annals of my sketch file.

Bane as an Ogryn

I drew this guy when the new Ogryn box came out, as some of his posing resemble Tom Hardy’s Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. I actually really enjoy that film, though I know it falls a little in places.


Still, that’s my quick post today about another Batman-inspired possible model, that I may not ever do in the future…but I’d like to! Maybe he could muscle his way into my Genestealer Cult force…?

And here are the guys I’d build him from:


The BANEgryn
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