The Weekly Planet: Nightdark VS the Squiddler

Another week, another attempt to get famous through the media of Twitter and podcasts. This week I’ve been listening to a load of old episodes of my favourite Australian podcast. James Mr Sunday Movies and Nick Mason have a weekly chat that they’d be having otherwise, just recorded and sent out to us all. They cover the weekly news, a big segment (my favourite being the Super Hero showdowns!), tell us “what they’re reading and what they’re gonna read”, then indulge in some listener letters.

A long time ago, they were challenged to build up a “completely original” new super hero, and of course, they completely failed/forgot about it all. So I compiled a shortish list of attributes that they randomly talked about around that time, giving me an idea about the new hero:

NIGHTDARK: who swapped his legs for wings, the special guest Tommy Dassalo gave him his catchphrase “Check out these ones!” that he shouts as he fires his sweet gun.

And his arch-enemy THE SQUIDDLER, whose head was consumed by a squid, and gave him the ability to control his own army of squids. He even trained them to wear hats!

2016-02-18 TWP Nightdark VS The Squiddler (1)

So I sent this off to the Aussies, to get a response from Mr Sunday Movies on Twitter: “Nice work! Especially ‘check out these ones.’ Good pull.”

The Weekly Planet: Nightdark VS the Squiddler
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