Dinosaur Park: Joel in his “Jungle’n’Blood” phase

About a month or so ago, I sent Jackson B. Baly of the Sanspants Radio podcast network a particular sketch-in-progress over twitter, of one of the major characters in his chaotic Dinosaur Park RPG adventure the network recorded. I absolutely loved that particular series of podcasts, and I think I’ve probably listened to them 3 or 4 times by now. I hope to be able to pick up the sequel, Dinosaur World in it’s fancy USB-on-tape format in the next few months, whenever Dinosaur Universe is made.

Anyway, onto the podcast! Backtracking a little, the roots of the Sanspants boys’ Dinosaur Park comes from a couple of episodes they did in their original podcast, Plumbing The Death Star. That show takes a (not necessarily) common question about something in popular/nerd culture and examines it with the Australians’ zany brand of comedy, and produces a great ratio of laughs per minute.

So in the original “Does Jon Hammond Understand Theme Parks?” episode, Jackson ends up taking over the role of Hammond from the Jurassic Park franchise, claiming that he could do a better job of making a dinosaur-themed zoo/theme park. Joel (Duscher) and Also Joel (Zammit) end up conned into visiting Jackson’s park, and he takes them on an ever darkening path through a zoo containing hardly any dinosaurs, whatsoever. They followed this up with a later episode “Dinosaur Park 2: The Lost Park”, and the saga continues to spiral into it’s own spin-off podcast, Dinosaur Park – the 1986 Tabletop RPG.

Based on the 1986 Dinosaur Park Tabletop RPG, Jackson takes Joel and Also Joel on a proper RPG adventure, rather than just discussing the horrors of his park. Much hilarity and a surprising amount of anger and tenderness ensue in this instalment, as they are forced back into the hellscape of Dinosaur Park. They are fighting for “Emz and our black daughter”, the good of the world, and Jackson’s wallet the ultimate revenge on (both the in-universe and real) Jackson B. Baly for subjecting them to this mess.

Overall, the whole saga so far is immensely rewarding, and I look forward to getting into Dinosaur World when I have some more time. For now though, I’ve got a drawing to show you, which I’m rather pleased with, depicting Joel at a certain point in his adventures, but be warned, from here on out there WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THE SHOW.







 Joel, throughout the series, goes from one nightmare scenario to another, and for a comedy podcast, they do a great job of showing how he is quickly losing his mind. The whole “jungle and blood”theme was genius, especially when he starts to push his logical mind to the back. This first sketch I’ve added because I’m actually really pleased with the ape face-helmet, and I did modify it for the final picture.

I went through the podcast a further time just chronicling the different equipment he picks up, and tried to include as many on the picture without cluttering it up. Here is a quick rundown of the equipment he gathers throughout the series:

An AK-47, a machete that ends up plugging his missing arm wound, 4 sticks of dynamite, a flare gun, a stake, a wing-shield made from the wing of a nightmare blend of human and terrorbird, a bazooka, a broken knife with just the blade left, a homemade torch, a Gigantopithecus‘ fur cut into ape jacket (with hands) and trousers, the same gigantopithecus’ head and face made into a sturdy helmet, 2 plastic prehistoric centipede google eyes stuck into the eye holes of the skull, a Terrorbird’s beak stuck to the skull with ape blood, a prosthetic arm hanging from his neck and slapping his bum, and a bag of pills (codine, valium, ecstasy) used primarily to kill Vince Vaughn.

And that’s not even the end of the list! I didn’t bother including the stuff they find in a secret bunker, as it didn’t really fit with what I wanted to draw. If you’ve got down to here and haven’t listened to the show, just do it. It’s fantastic. And with no further ado, here is the final picture. I did take a little poetic licence on some pieces, as otherwise the whole thing would have gotten more crowded:


After tweeting my drawing to the various Sanspants personalities, I was really happy to receive some enthusiastic response! I’ve not ever really used twitter, so to receive close to 50 likes was a real surprise! Several retweets as well.

Plus, the mastermind behind Dinosaur Park responded directly, suitably impressed by my drawing. Huzzah!

Dinosaur Park: Joel in his “Jungle’n’Blood” phase
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