“Why Should It Touch The Ground?”: Genestealer Cult Limo, Part 2

Hi there, hopefully you’re joining me from part 1, as I’ve been building my take on the Genestealer Cult Limousine, from way back in the day. Today we will be picking up from where we left off, in the cabin construction stage.

After extending the base of the limousine to fit the extended cabin, I now had an idea of what size the final product would be. I’d also realised that the Predator turret-bottom would not reall make a good roof, so I decided to finalise another part while thinking that over.

Thus, I turned to the drive systems for this machine, which I decided I wanted to be based on the same kind of anti-grav tech that Space Marines Landspeeders use. They have a pod underneath the vehicle that evidently creates an anti-grav field, but use rockets for propulsion. Since I was going for an originally-stately limousine look, I felt that jets could look a little ungainly, so decided to replace the four wheels of the limo with 4 anti-grav pods, which would be able to move the car through subtle manipulations in their position, i.e. to move in a particular direction, all or some of the pods would be manoeuvred to point away from that direction, the field they produce pushing more strongly and forcing the car in that direction.

Then I went looking for parts, and found that the SM Dreadnought front plates I had left over from my Patriarch and Deathwatch Dread conversions could function as the wheel arches with all Blood Angel iconography scraped away. With these as the top of the arch, of a uniform shape, I could cut 4 plasticard housings for the pods, and bulked out the front of the new housings with an extra chunk of plasticard. The original plans for the wheel arches were fairly smooth and streamlined, but I found these parts fit together so well I actually preferred the clunky design. The sections at the bottom of the Dread plates also serves as a vent for any exhaust gases from the pods!

In course of cutting up heavy bolters for the weapons in part 1, I had kept the remainder of the Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons, and in these I saw a great part that could serve as my hover-pods. A little carving down of distinctly weapon-like or Imperial details stopped them looking like the original parts, and I could add some supports made from plasticard and wire to pin them to the housings. At this point I also added a large exhaust port/possible jet, made from plasticard piping again, which I think helps support the look.

You may also notice that one of these is not like the others, which is mainly because I ran out of heavy bolters! The last one is my final autocannon from the same kit, and it’s grown on me as a kind of ramshackle repair job by the Cult.

Four engines and four pods down, so I better show you what they look like together. They came together quite nicely, from a concept that I had no idea how to deal with initially. They don’t look perfect, but for a first attempt by me, and a bodge-job by the Cult, they work well together. Plus, they have the benefit of being made from GW parts, although they may not look entirely like them now!

You may have noticed the details I left on two of the housings, a book and what was originally a set of scrolls. With the direction of the housings these details do fit the flow of the model (pulled back from the forward momentum) but I decided to alter the scrolls in an inspired move! I have so many old Cult arms lying around the place, I could easily sacrifice the claws from one to make the scrolls into the relics of an old Genestealer’s finger bones! This detail really helps tie the Cult theme back into the limo, to me.

Since I had already built up the front of the limo, I took this opportunity to attach the front pods to the limo itself! They fit flush with the weapon emplacements, and sit a little lower than the floor-plan of the limo, while fitting the swooping edge of the limo front. They have also acquired some lights from my old Predator kit. You will also notice in this picture that I have added a second piece to the bonnet of the car, giving it a different profile, and the railings I added down both sides of the limo. These rails are actually cut from the protective panel of my Grandma’s old electric heater! Never throw away pieces that look useful guys! The combination of these bits stopped the front of the limo looking like a big white brick.

With no further parts to procrastinate on, I realised I finally had to complete the cabin of my limo. I started with the end of the cabin, using one of the Rhino hatches from my Predator kit for the rear exit that Chimera’s have, and built a sloped wall from this piece, fitting around the Magus’ bench. You can see this in the picture to the right, along with a possible placement for embedded lasguns along the railing of the limo. If you have any, I’d love some feedback on this possibility, but remember that some of the transported troops will be hidden under the bonnet, thus could fire those guns.

Once I had the back of the cabin in, the rest started to come together quite quickly. I could build up the sides according to the rough plan on the left.
Since I’d done the work on the inside, I knew I wanted to go with clear windows, to show it off. The roof of the cabin would fit to whatever shape I ended up with, have a similar stripe to the bonnet, and a gap where the Magus would be able to speak his sermons and cast his psychic powers with ease.

I actually completed the next few stages in a bit of a frenzy, so didn’t get many photos of them, but I’ll quickly blast through what I did. With the sides of the limo up, I added a couple of panels from the Goliath to the outside of the limo, for a little more details and some structural integrity, then cut out space for and glued on the back hover-pods. The Magus’ bench looked a bit isolated, so I added some shelves either side of him, on which I could possibly add some mini glasses or food at a point in the future. Decadence incarnate!

When I got to the roof of the cabin, it actually made more sense to me to magnetise the whole thing. The neodymium magnets I’m using are certainly strong enough to hold the parts together in-game, and they are relatively easy to apply, so I made sure that the roof by the Magus had flat sections to magnetise. These also helped me shape the roof panels to fit around where the Magus would stand.

By showing the roof I constructed from the bottom, you should be able to see how I built it down from the canopy, adding height around the Magus’ opening, and a neat rim along the edge matching the piece I cut to magnetise onto the bonnet of the limo. Then it was a simple of matter to building some supporting struts to fit the space between, and voila!

Now the canopy of the cabin can easily be removed for painting or viewing the models inside, and I will eventually put once piece of clear plastic along the outside of the windows. Cabin complete!

The final picture below shows my crew in their allotted positions. The Magus is not glued in as I’m still tempted by putting a magnet into hi slotta-base, allowing him to move between this and on foot, while securing him strongly to the limo.

Unfortunately this post has grown long, so I’m going to have to cut it again, but next time I’ll be back with my final pictures of the limo in all it’s glory! So, on to part 3!

“Why Should It Touch The Ground?”: Genestealer Cult Limo, Part 2
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