“His Path Advances!”: progress on the Patriarch’s throne

Over the last half a year, I’ve finally made some progress on my Patriarch’s throne. This corpulent alien monster controls the assorted Cult members through his psychic presence, and they prepare their home planet for consumption by the tendrils of a Tyranid Hive Fleet.

Last time we saw the throne, it was in early development, not much more than Dread legs with a basic bench:

I was more than a little hesitant to chop up the back of the original metal throne, so I did a bit of research into casting mediums, and found the reusable medium of Oyumaru to be my best bet. The basic process for Oyumaru is to cut a reasonable amount out, heat it in close-to-boiling water, remove it and then press it against firmly the piece to be copied. Then leave it to cool! Please look up an actual guide, I don’t want you to mess anything up on my account!

This leaves you with a flexible mould that you can flex off the subject, but will reform the mould. Stuff it full of Greenstuff, and voila!!! A little Vaseline layer might aid you in removing the Greenstuff, but the mould can just be peeled off if done right. Now you have a fairly accurate copy, but the details may be a little blurred if you don’t use a good mix of Greenstuff. Thankfully my first cast came out really well, with a piece I can use, after cleaning up:

Now, to the ongoing construction! I pinned a spinning top to the communication tower, to give an odd feature that I imagine works like a psychic hood, amplifying his prowess even further. The Genestealer servo-skull-controlled multi-melta, from an old SM attack bike, went to the other side to balance out the platform, as well as allow my Patriarch to mimic Inquisitor Karamazov.

Next up were some suitably-40k armrests, and of course that means more skulls. SKULLS FOR THE SKULL GOD! A couple of hybrid skulls attached to plasticard served this role well, and I neatened up the borders of the chair a little at the same time. I had by this point completed the cast, shaved it down and pinned it, so I was able to drill some pinning holes to see how it would look.

I’m pleased with the detail on the back, but will have to grab a good little symbol to fill the space at the top of the throne.

The seat cushion was up next, and I figured the best way to do this would be to squish his Vaseline-d backside into a bunch of Greenstuff, and neaten it up later. This worked well, and I figure that as no expense would be spared on the Patriarch’s throne, he would definitely have some 40k-equivalent of memory foam, to sink his hiney into. A little patterning later, and a reasonable cushion was achieved, and the magnet holes could be drilled and filled.

I am very pleased with how this has progressed, I’ve got a reasonable throne lying around now, with only a few parts left to complete. I want to add a contemporary Cult symbol to the back of the throne, and model some form of psychic hood into the throne back. Then, possibly work out a little diorama on the base, and it’ll be complete. Whew! A lot of work and new techniques here.

“His Path Advances!”: progress on the Patriarch’s throne
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