“The Multitude Amasses”: Genestealer Hybrids

I believe there were around 20 different sculpts created by Bob Olley and the guys in the Rogue Trader days, I’ve never quite known who exactly did the sculpting, annoyingly. Still, they are pretty gorgeous, so I’m happy to collect them as is, and probbaly would “adjust” the main bodies very much. The key will be to shift them around, so that the same sculpt isn’t in the same squad.

Hybrids - Pure, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

As you can see from the above picture, the hybrids become progressively more human through the generations, with the 1st and 2nd generations showing extra limbs and highly mutated faces. It’s always been my opinion that the lines on these would be blurred, as how would these generations “pass on” their genes? Does the Cult have to keep harems of slave-women to bear these horrific children? I know they’re artificially forced to love the mutants, but surely they don’t just sit there waiting to give birth to another monster. It’s one of those niggling feeling about Warhammer in general, where do the women go? I’d love to tackle this at some point, perhaps some form of Brood mothers unit, taking up arms to defend their offspring.

And to add to that, what would happen if the hybrid child was female? Does the Genestealer infection inhibit the birth of women? Or do they just get born as female and raised for the same duties as their mother? Or, and this is something I may add to the Brood Mother unit, do they come out as female hybrids? The following image was drawn by Methiston, which I found on DeviantArt:

Female genestealer hybrid by Methiston

It’s not really the direction I want to go for my female hybrids, but is still an interesting and worthwhile concept.

But anyway, back to my models. I’ve already picked up quite a few models at reasonable prices, being as they are ludicrously expensive on eBay at the moment. I was really lucky to pick up the Magi for similar prices, and I’m sure they’ll only get more expensive as rumours build for a remake! Several will need a paint stripping session, but I’ve started building a few:

I’m trying to give them disparate weaponry, to represent that they are making do with whatever equipment they can construct with their resources at a time.

“The Multitude Amasses”: Genestealer Hybrids
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