“Never Have We Been Stronger”: the Cult resurrected!

first-conversionHuzzah! The Genestealer Cult has a brand new codex, and with that…a bunch of multi-pose plastic kits! They look absolutely fantastic, and were obviously designed in conjunction with the previous Overkill box. I picked up that box earlier, and the design aesthetic updates the old metal models really well.

Coming for the Overkill set, the ribbed armour pieces have now been tied into the uniform of mining facilities in the Imperium, as a Standard Template Construct that can be adapted easily to different body sizes, which fits perfectly for the absurd body shapes of Genestealer hybrids. GW then lent heavily into the mining background for the rest of the codex, so I look at the Cult codex as Genestealer Cults: Mining Worlds. My fluff still revolves around a Knight world, which would definitely require mining zones for resource gathering, so I can reason my way through to the cool weaponry.

An my gosh it’s cool! As usual I don’t know how any of it will play, but the seismic cannons, heavy lasers and heavy stubbers all seem a bit more “civilian” than the organised weaponry of Imperial Guard. So the current plan is to mix my army as the new plastics the Cult codex, but the old metals as an Allied Imperial Guard contingent…plus my eventual Knight…which cannot come within a certain distance of the Cult troops. This may be little confusing, I think I’d need to differentiate the colour schemes.

ONTO THE MODELS. Neophyte models were up first, as they seemed the most simple to build.


Initially I built one half of the Overkill miniatures as standard, and they assembled very easily. They have a few quirks, where it doesn’t seem that the gun and arm should really mesh together, but they look good when built. Then, the conversions started, and you can see the difference in the guys at the top right. Using the Neophyte box allowed me to transform a regular soldier to a Sergeant with power maul!

So I went through the rest of the Overkill Neophytes, and was able to replace autoguns with shotguns without much hassle. The picture below shows the conversions at the bottom, and a simple head swap and arm swap can make the models look completely different. Plus, they won’t be in the same final unit anyway. I also needed to remove a few moulded-on arms to replace them with parts from the box, but this process still left me with surplus arms for the regular Neophyte models.


I’m pleased with the final products, but there are a few gaps that will need filling before paint gets applied.


Next up were the heavy weapons, so I built one heavy laser as in the Overkill set, then replaced the second laser with a heavy stubber, which was a pretty easy conversion. The other two heavy weapons from the Neophyte boxes were easy to assemble, so I ended up with 2 heavy lasers, 1 seismic cannon and 1 heavy stubber.

When assembling the special weapons in all the sets, I built up 2 grenade launchers, 1 flamer and 1 webber, and will probably end up adding an additional webber and flamer if I buy another set of Neophytes.

Finally, for a bit of command I built myself 3 different Sergeants, one with a webber who will wait until the missing squad appears. In the gallery below, I’ve put my special weapons first, then  shown the two squads I got ready. Obviously I could add to these units if I wanted, or may reorganise at a later date. Hope you enjoy the final pictures!

“Never Have We Been Stronger”: the Cult resurrected!
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