“The Hidden Hunter”: The cult adds an Assassin to its ranks

In addition to the aberrants I made this week, I’ve been working on another conversion to join my Cult. While picking up Deathwatch models, I kept the Death Jester from the campaign box, Death Masque, thinking his trench coat would suit the underground Cult vibe. Similarly to the Cult Commissar I made a while ago, I feel this coat is enough to make him stand out from the crowd of jumpsuit-clad hybrids.

Before even deciding what I wanted to use it for, I shaved down the Eldar details of the body, and assembled only those parts that made up the main body and coat. This meant I was able to keep the prominent ribcage of the model, clearly marking him out as a unique hybrid.

Once the body was assembled I was able to carve off some of the existing collar, and remove all the tassels from the Jester, before I found a suitable 4th generation head to fit him. I chose one with a gas mask and glasses to suit his trench coat design, with a little Matrix vibe.

At this point I’d decided I wanted to make him into a Callidus-equivalent, so the weapons did stump me for quite a while. The GW Callidus has a rare pistol, a phasing wrist blade and poisoned knives, and translating these to a Cult setting was very hard.

I went with a Rogue Trader-era plasma pistol first, on an Acolyte hybrid hand, as it has a very distinct shape compared to the modern plasma weapons, so an alternate glowing colour should differentiate it enough from plasma. I’m thinking of using an angry red as opposed to an electric blue on the main plasma weapons.

The blades are much harder to proxy, so I ended up using an Acolyte knife hand, for the time being. I do like the effect, it’s a brutal weapon, but it doesn’t quite match the iconic phase weapon. I may replace this in the future, or find a way to add a new weapon on the miniature.

Obviously at the moment he is not based, but I will eventually be picking up a street lamp for him to perch upon, looking down at his prey…

A little fluff for the Hidden Hunter:

“Born with a unique mutation among the Cult, his clothes hide the distinctly alien structure to his body. Unlike any other 4th generation hybrids, the Hidden Hunter has the reinforced bones and sinewy-but-strong musculature of his Genestealer heritage, while allowing him to remain hidden in plain sight when clothed. When on mission, his preternatural speed and strength allow him to conquer challenges much beyond a typical human or hybrid, giving him access to otherwise-impregnable locations.

Using his innate advantages, he prides himself on getting as close as possible to his target before execution, in order to ensure the target’s fall. Able to operate without direct oversight from the Patriarch, he will keep himself hidden until such a time as he is activated via telepathic message.”

“The Hidden Hunter”: The cult adds an Assassin to its ranks
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