“Beloved Are His First Children”: the Acolytes are revealed!

Next up on the agenda for the new Cult were the 1st and 2nd generation hybrids, those monsters that are hidden away until the Cult springs its trap. These models appeal to me even more than the originals, as they seem to blend the Genestealer influences with human parts much better. They aren’t just a man with an extra arm and an elongated head, they truly are an alien mishmash.

The new models again take advantage of the mining colony fluff to introduce new weapons that suit the intended use of the Acolytes, who are meant to be up-front and charging into combat as quickly as possible. This seems like it may be easier to do as well, with the speciality Cult rules, but it may not work in practice!

Once again, I started with half the models from the Overkill box, and built them as standard, before taking the remainder and thinking what I could do to convert them. Taking the same idea as my Neophytes, I thought I should make sure the mono-pose models end up in different units to the standard models. The best way to do this with the Acolyte hybrids turned out to be to convert them into some different Hybrid Metamorphs, allowing me to put my own stamp on the Metamorph concept.


As you can see above, there are still clear similarities between the originals (upper) and the conversions (lower). I used parts from the Acolytes set as well as the original Genestealer box to make my changes, and the interesting extra heads in the Acolytes set make a clear distinction. They may not abide by the exact wording of the possible permutations for weapons in the rules, but I think they will still be pretty simple to play as. Additionally, on the right hand side I replaced the head and right arms of the robed model with some demolition charge-holding arms.

At this point I realised there was also an extra torso in the Acolytes set, and thought I’d experiment with it. I still have a bunch of the rubbish old Space Hulk plastic Genestealer Hybrids, which really look terrible in comparison, but the legs are still alright. I ended up chopping off the head and torso of the old model, and carved it until the new torso fit flush against the hips. The result is shown below, which will fit into the Hybrid Metamorphs unit. It’s not the kind of conversion I can repeat regularly, but this guy looks pretty great.


This leaves the Hybrid Metamorph unit at six models at the moment, none of which are really a Leader-type or are holding a Cult Icon, so at some point I will probably add these to the unit. The full unit is shown below, and certainly look random enough to fit the background. These guys are meant to be spawned when the Cult readies for war, their bodies better prepared for vicious warfare. These actually fit my idea of what the Patriarch does, as I feel it will shape the offspring to fit the Cults needs.


Now we move back to the ordinary Acolyte Hybrids, and while the box seems a bit pricey, it does have a huge variety of arms and weaponry to use, including 5 different heavy weapon options. I decided to build one of each, as they all seem pretty cool, and the variety makes the unit look more interesting. The following picture shows the heavy rock saw, drill and cutter options, as well as the demolition charges shown before. For my Leader I built him with the awesome bonesword and lash whip, although the origin of the bonesword is a little confusing. Finally the Cult Icon bearer joins the special weaponry unit.


As with the Neophytes, the heads of these guys really stand out, as there are some completely different designs to anything else shown in 40k. They really help add a bit of character and background to the model. For example, the saw-wielding model has goggles and a rebreather, which would protect him from the sparks and broken rock chips to come from his weapon. This kind of thought really adds up in my mind, getting me more attached to the models.

Finally I’ve got the full picture of my Acolyte Hybrids unit, with 12 guys now available for this unit, 4 with heavy weapons. The variety of weapons in this unit really adds to the unnerving effect of their differing arms, making the unit very interesting to look at. I love them!


Next thing you know, I’ll have picked up the Goliath transport…or an Imperial Knight…

“Beloved Are His First Children”: the Acolytes are revealed!
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