“Now He Travels in Style!”: Genestealer Cult Limo, Part 1

Today is a momentous day. The eldest sketch in my Cult idea-pad has finally been brought to life. My (probably first) Genestealer Cult Limo is built! I drew this sketch at least 4 years ago, maybe 5, and it’s been nagging at me ever since. I had a previous post on my ideas about Limos, here.

I bought plasticard, picked up pieces that looked likely to fit in my vision, drew out a guideline sketch, built a LEGO mock-up but never pulled the trigger on building the actual model.

But then I ran out of reasons to procrastinate. I had built all my Cult models that I wanted to (well, except the ‘stealers and a few newly-delivered metal hybrids…watch this space!) and felt I had enough experience working with plasticard to make a go of it.

So, as always, we start with parts and a plan. In this project I used only one piece of A4 plasticard 1mm sheet, which I’ve been cutting down in all my other projects anyway. I’ve also been hoping to keep this GW kit-based, potentially for using in store, so I collected together the following components:

Taurox driver and grill, Cult Goliath sideplates and random bits (leftover from this), Ork Bomma pipes, Predator parts from a kit I was given 10 years ago. The final parts I found were those benches, ripped out from an old VW van model that my brother threw away donated to the Cult cause. They turned out to be just the right size, and hopefully won’t invalidate the scratch-build from GW events.

I photocopied out a few copies of my guideline diagram, and cut them down to the relevant sections for each level of the construction, so that I could at least have somewhere to start with the plasticard sections. They by no means correspond to the finished product, as I was making this all up as I went along, but gave me a good idea of size. By the end of the project, they were all cut to tiny wedges!

I was working initially on getting the limo floor-plan between the sizes of a Chimera and an Ork Trukk, as those were the two relevant transports out at the time of designing, but it’s a little longer than both. I’ll show a comparison size with my Goliath when it is finished.

With these I could finally cut into the plasticard, so I got my exacto-knife out and started slicing! The first piece was about the only one which came out easily, as none of the pieces tessellated well, and I didn’t plan ahead. Didn’t waste huge swathes of plasticard though, so that’s something.

This gave me the base of the model, from which I could build and plan the rest of the model. Those benches fit perfectly into the cabin space, but it would turn out that I would actually need to extend the piece even longer before I was finished.

I then cut the next piece, the hood of the limo, and used the grille and some glued-in LEGO pieces to give me the height I wanted. A couple of simple sides came next, finishing the bulk under the hood.

At this point I was a little stumped by the cabin section, so decided to experiment with the front. I knew I wanted to include some weapon placements connecting the wheel arches and the front of the chassis, and thought it best to magnetise the weapons, as this could be used as a Chimera, Goliath, Trukk, whatever really! So a few failed boxes later and I had some handy gun emplacements, with a 2mm neodymium magnet inside each one. I also cut their front ends to match the sweeping shape I’d finished around the grille.

Considering how happy I am with the finished project, these parts might actually be my most proud construction! I cut down 2 heavy bolters (remember these!), a multi-las and a heavy flamer for magnetised options, and built two simple autocannons from plasticard to match the Goliath.

After a minor setback due to carving into my thumbnail, I returned to the project with fresh ideas on how to build the cabin. The Taurox driver gained a head from the Neophyte spares I’ve built up, a right arm from the Catachan sentinel or heavy weapon team sprues, and a left arm from the Catachan command squad. I actually cut his left wrist down a little further than this, and added a piece of plasticard pipe to serve as a control for his left arm to fiddle with.

This driver would be suspended at the front of the cabin, on a magnetised support, letting me fiddle around with him and remove him for painting. Below him you can see the The back of the front section, where I added a shutter from the Cult Goliath to illustrate that cultists can actually fit UNDER the bonnet.

The other side I’ve actually left open, and at the moment it’s a little messy, as I’d like to have this gribbly customer (left) poking his head out. He’s made out of a great variety of random broken parts, as I tried to scratch-build him to fit into a small space. I’ll use him somewhere! But maybe not here, he’s a little cramped.

Now, back on track with the construction of the limousine. The final passenger I knew I wanted to include on the model was one of the original Magus models, and I went with the “Advisor” to the Throned Patriarch,since he always seemed a little out of place. He got a space carved out for his slotta-base into a bench, then I mounted the bench on two more LEGO bricks. These would eventually be carved away to basically just struts, but they served to elevate him over those he commands.

Now, adding all these elements together allowed me to have a good idea of the cabin, so I chose to add in some more seats, at a lower position, and had to do a little gap filling. These seats also helped hold up the newly added walls of the cabin, but showed me that I’d need to extend the cabin a bit further.

Also in this picture, you may spot the addition of metal grates along the front section of the limousine, but these will be expanded upon next time! That’s right, this is going to have to be a two-part blog post, as it’s already probably too long and unwieldy.

Hopefully you will join me in part 2.



“Now He Travels in Style!”: Genestealer Cult Limo, Part 1
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