“My First JCB”: Goliath Rockgrinder

When this model first came out, I wasn’t too fussed by the overall appearance, especially in the truck formation, but saw it as a good option to convert civilian vehicles into Cult trucks or limos. This didn’t stop me from buying the box on release day, and it sat in there waiting for its’ time on the hobby table. I will likely end up painting it up like a JCB vehicle, in honour of my first digger toy I lost playing in the mud of my family home’s construction.

That chance has come! A lot of this kit is very easy to put together, but there certainly are some fiddly areas, the grinding gears on the ram and the fencing being the most obvious and frustrating. I actually messed up one of the 4-gear sets, and you may be able to spot this on the final model.

As I was building it, I fell in love with the Rockgrinder configuration, and completed that option while saving as many of the hidden parts as I could for later conversions. The main weapon actually is rather easy to magnetise, with only the heavy mining laser requiring any drilling, as the other parts all have convenient holes to fill with magnets.

The Goliath Rockgrinder came out well overall, and will be staying in pieces until I finally get some paint on it. This should make it a LOT easier to paint, before I stick it all together and add some weathering.

You may have noticed the non-standard crew member by his yellowed legs, and yes, I’ve thrown in another old Space Hulk hybrid into the mix! I like to make the most out of my kits, and this time one of the spare 3rd generation hybrids torsos from the Neophytes was attached to the legs of an old, horrid hybrid. Trying to get the arms to meet the console was a *****, but it worked out alright in the end, and gives me a little variation in the crew.

I think I’m going to try and use up torsos and spare SH hybrids in each squad, as I have WAY too many of those awful old models. I don’t even feel bad for cutting them up. Plus, they probably cost me far too much when I bought them.

Anyway, making the kit this way left me with three extra crew models, which I could use to fill up my squads of Neophytes. So out come two autogun-wielders, standard, but I had fun with the final model. I needed an icon bearer for my shotgun Neophytes, so it was convertin’ time!

He was a challenge, but the shotgun was actually really easy, and I got the idea from here. Spare flamer top and lasgun cut down and stuck together. The right arm was actually for a crew member to hold onto a balustrade, repositioned at the wrist, and I had some plasticard pipe and metal rod to make a reasonable pole. I went with an industrial look for the icon, cut from plasticard sheets, which took a little while to get right.

I’m pleased with the effect, but next time I’d probably add a little more decoration. So with these three Cultists, I’m closing in on completed construction of my Cult, at which point I suppose I’ll have to paint something!

“My First JCB”: Goliath Rockgrinder
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