“Misshapen Menace”: Aberrants emerge from the pit…

Hybrids (2)The Deathwatch Overkill box is currently the only way to get hold of any aberrant models for the Genestealer Cult, showed the broken and malformed bodies of these unfortunate mutants, who do not abide by the generations inherent in other hybrids. The four models in the set are terribly one-pose, but are pretty well-executed in their design, as they can switch the arms between the two bodies.

I do like the idea though of these monsters, and they match up a little with an old sketch I drew:

So I made two of the aberrants as per the instructions, so I could get to know the main components, and they are simple models. Digging into the parts show that they are a little limited in simple conversion potential, so a third pair would likely require more conversion to keep them fresh.

To the conversions! First things first, I cut the bodies at the waist, and switched torsos so that their backs are changed up, and slightly changed the orientation of their arms. The spines look a little crooked now, but that does fit the  malformed nature of the aberrants.

Next up were the arms, and I wanted to make sure I switched it up. I cut the heads off the two weapons, then sliced off each hand individually, and pinned the weapon heads to the existing left-hand handles. I did try to match the handle lengths, but making handles from paperclips is never an exact art! I then went hunting through my Cult bits box for a variety of other claws and hands to fill up the limbs.

The last parts to alter were the heads, for which I simply sliced off the collar and replaced the heads with third generation faces.  I’m pretty pleased with the finished aberrants, the look different enough to the original models, without a lengthy process of conversion. 

To complete the squad, I wanted to do a more involved conversion, with a leader-like Aberrant who directs the squad, if only by charging in fastest. To this end, I decided to use the torso of the free Khorne Slaughterpriest that came with the first new White Dwarf, to give him a bulky, scarred, monstrous chest, which would fit with the existing aberrants. And for legs, I returned to the trusty pile’o’crap Space Hulk hybrids, and “acquired” some legs. I’ve really gotta work out some use for all their old torsos…

I chose to use the “Cyclops”-like head for the aberrant boss, and cut down the neck so that it sits closer into the chest. His left arm is the standard Slaughterpriest arm, with the big mace and oversized arm fitting the power hammer and aberrant physique, respectively. The right arm got a small conversion, adding a fairly small claw, that unbalances the model, which I like for these mutants. A little shaving-down of the shoulderpad and the model was complete!

In terms of fluff, I feel that the Cult must run itself on a daily basis in much the same way as any human society, as the Patriarch cannot control all functions of his Cult, so they eat, work and entertain themselves. The entertainment of my Cult will involve some medieval-style pit fights, with alien beasts, gladiators, bets galore, and the bosses of the pit use the messed-up, reject aberrants as brutish thugs to both enforce and entertain. Thus, the biggest and baddest of these gladiators is the one who leads them into the final battle!









“Misshapen Menace”: Aberrants emerge from the pit…
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