Inspiration: Tyranid Deviations by Marco Schulze & Katja Schimmel

Hello there! It’s been a bit of a hectic couple months for me, started a new job and haven’t got anywhere near the time I used to spend on my blog. Now I find hobby and blogging to be competing for time, so while I build up a few more models for my armies, I thought I’d show you where a LOT of my inspiration has stemmed from.

I used to get the monthly White Dwarf, the original run, around 4th edition Warhammer 40k, and the release of the 4th edition Tyranid codex completely grabbed me. At the time I couldn’t afford to get into another range of models, but this was the moment when the plastic Carnifex was released, and it grabbed me as a terrifying addition to the battlefields.

The White Dwarf team was completely on it at that point, and knew how to grab their audience by featuring ambitious conversions that would inspire kids like myself to buy several of the same kit, hoping to be able to pose them and convert them to match the impressive models in WD’s pages.

This brings me back to the Carnifex, and a particular article by Marco Schulze and Katja Schimmel in UK WD 308. Known in modelling circles for the incredible conversion work done in their Hive Fleet Moloch, they were given access to some Carnifex and (metal) Hive Tyrant kits before the release of the 4th edition Tyranid codex, and told to go wild! And that they did, as you can see in the following gallery of gruesome grizzlies:

I’ve referred back to this article countless times for my own inspiration, and I just wish Hive Fleet Moloch was active somewhere. Unfortunately they seem to have dropped out of the hobby, but a fantastic series of articles by Mr Pink, at his website Modern Synthesist, cover Moloch in much greater detail than I could.

You may have seen some of my concept sketches for my Genestealers and cultists in the past, but I must admit that a large part of the inspiration there comes from the character Marco and Katja managed to encase in a Kill-Team they made for UK WD 307. The “Crimson Stalkers of Tenebra Prime” were made to suit the Kill Team rules at that time, where each model could have a wide variety of equipment, more so than their usual versions, and for Tyranids, biomorph rules allowed some crazy combinations. Just look at these models, they are so interesting to see:

Hopefully seeing these will go a little way towards explaining my creative conversion process, but please, look to Mr Pink’s website for even more of these goodies!

Inspiration: Tyranid Deviations by Marco Schulze & Katja Schimmel
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