How to use these new Cult models?

Hmmm. I used to have a solid plan on using my models. I was all ready to run the Cult as an Imperial army, with the fat Patriarch controlling the Cult from his walking throne, as Inquisitor Karamazov. There would be a big converted Knight centrepiece, and the bulk of the army would be Astra Militarum conscripts or veterans.

This plan has been somewhat confused by the introduction of the Genestealer cult as an actual faction of its own, counting as Tyranids for the allies matrix. Now, if I ever get round to playing a game, I’m sure my partner would let me play them as such, but it does still prove problematic for the theme at large.

This week had the 40k rules for the Deathwatch in WD, I’m sure next week will contain the Cult rules, and the rumour is that the Cult models from the boxset can be played as one formation, giving ALL of them infiltrate. This, if it turns out to be true, could be the difference I need. Since they will already be up close and personal, I can use them to clog down the enemy while the rest of the army pounds away from afar, and as Guard generally don’t do close combat, there will be no need to roll for angst tests.

…except the Knight, which I fully intend to use the claw hand and the chainsword with. This could be a challenge.

Cult (1)

So my plan, is to take the different aspects as follows:


Inquisitorial Detachment for my Patriarch throne.

Guard bulking out the backfield, with my limos cruising around.

Cult formation swamping down the enemy.

And if the game is big enough, potentially one of the Genestealer formations from the Rising Leviathan dataslates. I think the “industrial” one has some useful bonuses.

Now, since this could already be extremely confusing, I’ll probably have to drop the Daemonlogy powers, to save on confusion. But if I DO take the powers instead of the Cult formation…the new patriarch would DEFINITELY be a good stand-in for a Keeper of Secrets…I’ll have to update my army list!


How to use these new Cult models?
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