“His Spawn in the Shadows”: Purestrain Genestealers

A quintessential part of the Genestealer Cult, I imagine the actual Purestrain Genestealers of the 5th generation to be birthed in groups, all sharing specific genetic traits that the Patriarch forces into them. This is basically my fluffy way to explaining the difference in the various sculpts, but really I do think the Patriarch would have the ability to mould his children akin to the Hive Mind. So I’ve been thinking about the roles that the different type could play.

The Parasitic Seekers

Genestealers have a natural independence and intelligence, and this brood of ‘stealers were bred to garner ever more information. Born with feeder tendrils, they affix these to their victims skull, and ingest his knowledge as they liquefy and consume his brain matter. A gruesome way to go, these elite killers are sent forth whenever the Cult finds an obstacle that cannot be skilfully avoided by the Magi. This brood has been responsible for the destruction of an entire Noble house on Inexorus VII, the entire family found dead in the morning, their heads now spongy and aerated. Unsurprisingly, they can have a devastating effect, and are adept at infiltration and stealth.

These were designed to be in dynamic or storied poses, but I’m sure the wire I’ll have to use will be EXTREMELY time-consuming.

Other groups of ‘stealers will include the Space Hulk models, already telling their own story as vicious killers, and a small group of the old-school Genestealers, who take after the Patriarch himself. I’ve got the Spawn of Cryptus as well, but I don’t know when I’d ever get to use him.

Genestealer (Ymgarl)

“His Spawn in the Shadows”: Purestrain Genestealers
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