“From the corrupted Houses, we recruit”: Delaque Brood Brothers

Well. How original? Definitely not the most out-of-the-box choice I’ve made, but I absolutely love the old Necromunda models, and the Delaque long coats are quintessentially Cult.

So I finally broke and looked for the Delaque models, and managed to snag the entire range in one lot! I’m a little suspect at how clean they are, and they feel a little light, but honestly I paid enough for them, so no regrets!

If you’ve never seen them before, these models were part of the Necromunda range way back in the early 90’s, and have been used in countless armies and gangs since that point. The Delaque were always regarded as the “sneaky”gang, and their fluff specifically said how they liked to hide their weapons under their long coats. This makes them a natural fit for the Cult, and their bald nature only adds to this.

Of course, the “real” House Delaque is part of the Necromunda hive world, so these guys will be passing as Brood Brothers in the Genestealer Cult army, having revealed themselves to be part of the growing Cult. They might even do a stint as a Shadow War Armageddon kill team, or a real House Delaque gang, if the Necromunda rules are resurrected in my group.

I highly doubt I’ll be doing any conversion work on this group, they are iconic and I don’t want to sully them. Now, if I buy some MORE, then I’ll get out the parts, but these guys should do well for now. There are a mix of lasguns, autoguns and shotguns, as well as a heavy stubber, flamer and a blooming huge lascannon! Of course, a few suitable leaders and juves make up the rest, so I’ll have a wide variety of models when this is all done.

I hope you enjoy the look back!

“From the corrupted Houses, we recruit”: Delaque Brood Brothers
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