“And They Shall Number Infinity”: autogun and shotgun Veterans filled out!

The last few weeks I’ve been using the blog to drive me forward in my construction of my Genestealer Cult forces. This week, I have finally finished the Veteran squads for my Astra Militarum contingent.

I’ve also signed up to the ‘1 hour a night” theory, getting a little bit done each night to progress in the hobby. There is a related Facebook group where people post their daily efforts, and contains a bunch of good ideas.

Now, to the models in question. This first gallery contains a couple of pictures of each new model, and some of these really did require some awkward conversion. Most needed pinning, and I’ve used a variety of parts to fill them out.

Once again, Cadian arms are proven to have great conversion possibility, as once the shoulder pad is shaved off they can be cut or filed to fit wherever you need. I ran out of Cult Neophyte shotguns during this period, but luckily found a few old metal Necromunda shotties hidden in the bits box, allowing me to get a few different poses in the unit and fit otherwise problematic models. The final shotgun came from my supply of Space Marine Scout shotguns, earlier earmarked for a potential Arbites force. I was a little bummed about having to use it, but realised it actually would link the two together.


I’m very happy with these conversions, and my final Veteran squads have no two models alike, although pairs come from the same base models. This completes both my autogun veterans and shotgun veterans, with the Commissar to lead them at the moment. I realise that the Commissar doesn’t really fit their play style, so may end up using him as the Company Commander.

Finally, I thought I’d spell out my paint-stripping process, as I’ve had to clean up a fair few of these models. I use Dettol disinfectant for this, the brown stuff available in most UK supermarkets, and follow this guide. The models sit in the Dettol overnight, and you can usually see some blistering of the paint the next morning.


Next I brush off paint with a toothbrush, usually into a separate receptacle, to get the majority off, but a wire brush could be used to remove more stubborn paint. My next step is to wash the hopefully paint-less models with a washing-up liquid solution, to remove the Dettol, and then I do a final wash with warm water. You should really read the linked guide 🙂

“And They Shall Number Infinity”: autogun and shotgun Veterans filled out!
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