They actually released the Cult!

Well, it’s official. My wishes have been fulfilled by the great gaming god. Genestealer Cults are BACK, with a vengeance. There have been rumours for years, and since the moulds are normally made about a year in advance, I’d been hoping beyond hope. The models have been official revealed, and they have updated the look perfectly. The distinctive suits have been rethought as mining equipment, but still fit perfectly with the old models, and the hybrids are practically unchanged. I’ve only got a slight regret with the Patriarch, as I’m not really a fan of GW’s “spikes everywhere” approach to Tyranids and CSM.

Still, they must be congratulated, they’ve redone everything but a limo, and I’m sure that’ll come with time. They’ve even added a new class, the Primus, a hybrid war leader. Looks like a second generation hybrid to me, with exotic weaponry (needler pistol!) and a mechanically-assisted claw hand. And the Aberrants, hideously mutated rejects even lower than Hybrids, strike a grotesque chord within me, even if they look one-pose.

The Magus is very much in a typical wizard position, with two pretty cool draping banners. Those banners have the Cult symbol tagged on the end, and I noticed them on many of the hybrids. I think I’ll be cutting a few of those off, to spread around my older models, and remove a bit of the one-pose effect. There will probably be a bit of shifting in terms of the arms as well, I’ll be trying to convert them all at least a bit.

Hybrids (2)A while ago, I drew the following sketch, and it turned out to be rather similar to the Aberrants! Pole weapons are great.


I may even build up a little Deathwatch force…

They actually released the Cult!
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