Bloodbowl! Well, the supporters anyway…

A while ago, I accumulated rather a large number of the old Slayer models, thinking I’d eventually build them into a new Slayer-filled army. Fairly shortly after, Age of Sigmar was released, and I wasn’t sure at all whether I’d ever play a game. That said, I’m obviously not too bothered with the whole game-playing side of the hobby, so I was happy to just keep collecting the old Slayers.

Now, I’ve been a little bored by these guys, there are far too many that I’m really not interested in. So I’ve been selling off a load of the old Slayers, the ones I don’t like at least. I have been keeping my favourites, and was wondering how I could use them…

Bloodbowl Stand (1)

I’ve got an idea! I thought I’d build a custom stand from balsa wood for Bloodbowl, trying to make it look a little like a rugby or football stadium. I’m actually heading off to see Wales versus Italy this weekend, so I’ll be looking to see what other character I can put into the diorama.

Out in front is my Coach, Ungrim Ironfist, who’ll probably be converted up with the angry Fire magic look from the End Times, as seen in my previous post. He’s shouting hard at the team playing! I don’t actually HAVE that team.

Behind him are the pitch-side bouncers, pulled from various races, simple models given out with WD once.

At the front of the stands is a Dwarf whose brought in his own horn, so he can play his teams tune through the match.

Bloodbowl Stand (2)

To the right stands Borg Ironfist from the Avatars of War range, pointing up at some antagonising fans of the enemy team. On the next step up is a Slayer charging to deal with said fans.

On the left hand side stands a Dwarf intent on watching the game, ignoring the cheering and fighting around him. He’s flanked by his bet-master, shouting out the new odds as the game changes. That model is the old, rare Marco Columbo, and will probably have an easel with some odds up around him.

Marco Columbo

The final step of the stands contains some of the more…tipsy Dwarfs, whose raucous antics are only exaggerated with their easy access to alcohol. The White Dwarf anniversary model is held up by Bugman, with his magic tankard, and Gotrek, whose axe I might shift to his back, making space for another tankard. The White Dwarf already has a free hand, so that’ll be easy to put a sloppy beer in.

The Games Day model currently completes the diorama, from a lot I picked up already missing the axe and head. He just looks so happy! Red cheeks will show his drunken state.

In addition to all these, I’ll probably add this old White Dwarf from the 300th issue, who I’ve got painted back at the parents as well. This is just a picture I found on Bugman’s Brewery, to show you which one I mean. He’s clearly into the game as well, and is drinking from his helm.

Finally, I’ll be populating the rest of the stands with a few other models, maybe the Drunken Dwarfs, maybe a few humans or halflings. Whatever fits really! I may even make the enemy stands at some point, probably and Orcs, Goblins, Ogres stand. Animosity is pretty awesome.

Bloodbowl! Well, the supporters anyway…
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