Deathwatch: cobbling together parts somehow makes a marine

Well, as the title implies, this week I built myself a marine out of some old, broken parts. My bitz box has been bolstered in the past by some general eBay bitz piles, and one of these had a rather shrimpy-looking metal Assault Marine body, with a little movement in the legs. The torso for this guy was fairly worn, as if the decade in a box had seen friction take off most of the chest detail.

My solution? Cut it off and start again! A quick saw removed most of the torso, and I filed down the remainder to make a ball joint to fit the newer plastic torsos. The head and torso came from another old pile, and I think they probably made up part of a biker back in the day. When I attached these parts, I felt it was necessary to pin them together, and this has really proven to give the parts some stability.


Once I had the body intact, I went looking for a suitable Chapter to build him into. His sense of slow movement forward looked to me as if he strides into battle, weathering fire until close range, so a Chapter that stood out to me was the Marines Errant. From what I’ve read, it seems that the Marines Errant excel at close boarding actions and combat in a limited space, so my Errant will be bringing short range firepower to bear. Here are a couple of pieces of artwork from the Chapter, the first I have been unable to find the artist, the second comes from Fatansy Flight Games’ Deathwatch RPG:

Now, when finishing off the model, I chose to equip him for close quarter combat with a Deathwatch Shotgun. This ties in nicely with some info I found on the Warhammer 40k Wikia, detailing a legendary weapon:

  • Linebreaker – The Astartes shotgun is commonly thought of as a weapon for the Scout Companies, but the death toll wrought on enemy forces by the Veterans who have wielded Linebreaker speak to its effectiveness in other hands. The weapon’s specially crafted, short barrel is reinforced to withstand a unique shot made of super-dense alloys. Even a grain of this ammunition impacts with the force of a slug from a lesser weapon, allowing for a devastating spread of fire.

The final model got a few pads and grenades, then I chose to follow the ostentatious look of the artwork and chose a winged pauldron to put his Chapter livery on. unfortunately I didn’t think to take any pictures before I undercoated the model, and the new shoulder pad was added when I realised I had forgotten it! I also added a bit of damage to his legs, to signify the storm of fire he runs through.

Haven’t got any fluff for this guy, he’s fairly low on my list of fun Deathwatch, but I do like him, so may update this with his fluff when I think of some.

Deathwatch: cobbling together parts somehow makes a marine
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