Deathwatch: duo with deficiencies

Today’s duo of Deathwatch Space Marines are marred by problems, based on the chapters they have been drawn from. Both are built from the Death Masque set, one heavily converted, the other built from the box.

First things first, the simpler build! I’ve always liked the Space Marine chapters that have interesting problems with their geneseed, which lead to differences in their fighting styles. The Fire Lords are a particularly interesting chapter who, as their name implies, are slightly obsessed with fire. An Imperial Fists successor chapter, they are generally a Codex Astartes-compliant chapter with a heavy reliance of flamer weaponry of all types. Here are a few bits of artwork for them:

This overuse of fire has prompted much interest by online sources, with a few fun armies and conversions, and of course a slightly ridiculous article on 1d4chan. I haven’t been able to find any sources that support this, but the idea of them swilling promethium and spitting it out on fire just seems SO 40k that I accept it as part of my own canon.

I built my Fire Lord from the Deathwatch Veterans, equipping him with an Infernus Heavy Bolter, which I love as a weapon. When painting, I’ll be adding flames around his legs, probably using the Warhammer TV video for help.

Secondly, we have a much more involved conversion, for my Minotaur Space Marine who has been seconded to the Deathwatch. The Minotaurs got a massive re-organisation when they were brought back by Forgeworld, and are now an ultra-aggressive Chapter who SPECIALISE in fighting and killing other Space Marines. That does not mean that they only fight Marines, and this Marine has found his place in the vanguard of the Deathwatch, bringing the Emperor’s judgement down upon Xenos scum.

My influences for this conversion come from the Forgeworld adaptation rather than the old Rogue Trader scheme…which is rather chaotic. They now have a very Greco-Roman theme, with helmet crests, Hoplite shields, fancy spears and all. I’ve taken a few such elements into my conversion, while trying not to overwhelm the Deathwatch affiliation. Here are a few bits of art:

Now, onto the model! The main body is from the Vanguard Veterans set, with only the arms and head converted. My plan was to build the Marine with a Gladius and Shield to fit the close combat feel of the chapter.

In the September White Dwarf, the Age of Sigmar Khorne Slaughterpriest with blade and mace was sent for free, and I saw that head and immediately thought of a Minotaur helm. The horns fit the chapter, and the closed visor fits the Greek hoplite feel I was going for.

I built the back of the helmet up with plasticard parts, to fit the size of a normal Space Marine helmet, and added a bit of a neck to the chest cavity of a Marine model. Once I’d done this, I started to build up the crest of this helmet, which require a bunch of gluing and filing and cutting. I realise these pictures don’t show the crest as entirely straight, but it looks a lot better once on the model. I am so pleased with this guy, enough time was spent on this small conversion that I can be proud of the finished product.

For his arms, I took a spare Gladius from the DW Veterans set and added it to a Vanguard arm, then took a look at the storm shields from that set. Then, I totally scratch-built a new storm shield, using the shield of Asterion Moloc as a template. The Inquisitorial symbol comes from the DW upgrade sprue, while the rim on the final model was actually part of the Venerable Dreadnought set. The hand-housing was actually the hardest part to build, as I didn’t want to do any damage to the back of the shield. Some extra detail may be added in painting.

And here is the gallery for his final appearance. I’ve pinned the shield hand to the stump, but will probably paint it separately. Pretty blooming pleased with him!

Deathwatch: duo with deficiencies
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