Deathwatch: blood red Fist, a Rogue Trader tribute

The Crimson Fists are iconic. They truly embody the grit and never-ending determination of Space Marines, as well as having some fantastic artwork from the very beginning of the hobby. In the fluff they have gone through some awful trials, with their final stand at Rynn’s World as the most notable event, reducing their numbers to fewer than a hundred.

Not only is their background long and varied, they emerged as one of the first Space Marine chapters, serving as the poster boys for Space Marines and the 41st millennium in the Rogue Trader days. Just look at the cover to the Rogue Trader rulebook, depicting the struggle at Rynn’s World. Very cool. Plus, this conflict was with a xenos menace, the Orks lead by a warboss called Snagrod, which is my eyes makes the survivors experts at fighting the green monsters.

The posing was a bit of a challenge with my Crimson Fist, as I wanted to do my own version of the 25th anniversary Space Marine that was released by GW, as I do not have the funds to pick up this guy, and prefer to do a little converting anyway.


My Crimson Fist has been lying in parts for a long time, and the first picture was shown back when Overkill was announced. Since then, I have switched out the old Rogue Trader head, which you will see next week, and found a more suitable pistol hand, which doesn’t require superfluous conversion. Also, you know, some legs! These were donated from a terribly assembled old model that I received from eBay, and got a nice new Rosarius and purity seal to add a little detail.

The addition of an old power fist from the very first RTB01 Space Marine boxset completed the model, and gives the model a little heritage. I was more than a little worried when cutting that part, it’s not often you cut up something old than yourself! Well…with all my old Genestealer Cult models, perhaps it is more regular for me!! Deathwatch and Crimson Fist pads finish off the arms, and an old wreathed skull ties him back to aesthetic of Chapter Master Pedro Kantor.

I’m really pleased with how this model came out. He doesn’t have anywhere near the detail of the Overkill miniatures, but I was able to find a great looking model in a bunch of old, partly broken parts. I have no idea if his loadout is any good, but he’ll still make it into a team if I ever play the game.

To finish this off, let’s have a little fluff:

Fausto Borquez, Crimson Fist

“Sergeant Fausto Borquez excelled himself in the invasion of Rynn’s World, holding an integral arms supply depot from the Greenskin aggressors  while Marine strike teams attempted to take out the leadership of the Ork Waagh. This took a harrowing toll on the defenders, as the squad was whittled down by countless waves of Orks and Grots, and Borquez saw his warriors torn to shreds by the frothing monsters in the narrow confines of the facility. The only saving grace was the supply of weaponry, where he used all tools of warfare to exact a heavy toll on the despoilers of his homeworld, before the situation was certainly hopeless. His final act in the war was to ignite the largest of  shells left in the silo, and charge through the Ork hordes.

Taken aback by a sudden assault, Borquez waded a mile through Ork corpses before the warheads exploded, and wiped the depot from existence. A huge swathe of Orks were destroyed by the blast, and Borquez’s mangled body was recovered only when mounds of corpses could be burnt at the end of the war. Missing an arm, both legs and an eye, Borquez crawled from the flames to his brethren. Reconstructive surgery allowed him further service with the Fists, where his newly-integrated power fist distinguished him further. His secondment to the Deathwatch was natural, where he now immolates the hated Orks and other xenos in the violent heat of plasma fire.”


Deathwatch: blood red Fist, a Rogue Trader tribute
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