Hive Fleet: The Viragon and its Brood

Viragon: A Subterranean Bio-Titan

Viragon Card

This little beauty is the only official picture the Viragon has ever received, on an old 40k playing card, and it is described basically as a MASSIVE Trygon. I absolutely love the design of this monster, and would love to bring it to life. Unfortunately I do not have the budget to buy a Hierotitan and steal its legs, like a certain someone already did, so I’ll be making mine a teensy bit smaller. Well, quite a bit smaller, as I’ll be building mine as a sister conversion to Typhon, my Swarmlord.

Viragon (1)

The segmented back of the Viragon lends itself well to a conversion of the Tyrannofex body, which is already fairly well shaped to build the torso. A simple cut, shown in yellow below on both piece should remove enough of the ribs to build a Tygon head into this crevice, from which I can build up a canopy for the top of the torso. As always, the green in my sketches shows where I may need to build or rebuild.


I’ll be using Mawloc jaws to create an opening wide enough, although the Haruspex provides an interesting opportunity. But I think I’ll save that particular shovel-maw for a Mawloc conversion eventually…

Viragon (2)

Obviously I’ll be using the Trygon tail as a base, but I am tempted to fatten it out and elongate it to match the slug-like lower body of the card.

Another major conversion point will be the bulged cheeks of the Viragon, which I initially planned on creating by cutting a golf ball in half and green stuffing over. I am now more tempted to use the Tervigon’s hatching sack to increase the slug-like qualities of the torso, probably building out some cheeks as well.

Basically I want to create something that looks really gluttonous, as my Hive Fleet doesn’t have to facilities to properly break down larger monsters, and the Viragon was ot created with the purpose of digesting everything it eats. Therefore, it vomits out all it can for the Norn Queen, but still fails to metabolise all the rest. Like a horrendous penguin! Disgusting, but I like it, and it fits my fluff.

Of course, this guy is likely to become a fat Trygon Prime if I EVER have enough money to buy TWO Hierotitans… 😉

Mawlocs and Trygons

The Viragon will be alpha of its own pack of slithering killers, with the Red Terror and some Raveners, but I aim to have at least a Trygon and a Mawloc in my collection eventually. In fact, I’ve already got the original resin Trygon from Forgeworld, assembled and everything, but missing its little spikes.

For the Mawloc, I have drawn a couple of concepts, neither of which I am particularly happy with. The first was an attempt to make it look ore agile, and a little more armoured. Plus, teeth.

Mawloc (1)

The second, which is more like my plan, involves a fair bit of upheaval, as the Mawloc launches itself out of the ground and destroys structures. In fact, and I HATE that I’m about to reference this movie, but it’s not unlike that massive worm-Transformer in Transformers 3. Urgh, I’m going to need to wash myself off after that reference.

Mawloc (2)

With the release of the Haruspex, I’d love to incorporate the huge MAW on the Mawloc, and I like to think of the Mawloc as similar to the Dwarf in Artemis Fowl, Mulch Diggums. The more that goes in…the more that has to come out, loose enough that Raveners and Trygons can still follow the Mawloc down the tunnel. In that respect, I’m very glad I won’t be modelling the lower half of this guy…

Hive Fleet: The Viragon and its Brood
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