Shadow War Armageddon: Terrain Ideas Afoot!

Now that I’ve played a few games of Shadow War, I’ve really got an itch to build some memorable scenery. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the big boxsets of the Shadow War Armageddon game, so I’ve got plenty of the Sector Mechanicus terrain to play with. Annoyingly, my initial thought had been to use Deathwatch Overkill tiles as an impromptu board, but someone else has had that idea too!

But at least I know it looks bloody great!!! The weird lighting on the floor panels really gets me, and until I break in the future and build a whole terrain board, I would be happy to play on the Deathwatch tiles.

So, now to the terrain part. I’ve been collecting junk for use in such projects almost since I restarted with Warhammer, and my god it’s coming in useful now. First thing’s first, I’ve had this watchtower lying around the place since my granddad built a fantastic two-piece playing board for my brother and I when we loved the LotR game in our early teens. I donated the gaming boards to our local gaming store a while back, as we really didn’t have space for them anymore, but I couldn’t bear to let go of the lovingly crafted tower. It will now get a second lease of life, and perhaps a coat of paint (?) after a bit of 40k-ification.

Next up are the bulkhead doors I mentioned in my first Shadow War post, which I unfortunately do not have any card inserts to use with. I think I will either be building a walkway for these pieces (as they have a solid base so could support a long one) or trying to fit them into another part of the scenery. These two were given to our family as part of a big bunch some fellow villagers were trying to get rid of, and they have been distressed a little to show some bullet holes and explosion damage.

You can see them to the left, and when attached together they come out a little higher than the Mechanicus supports. This leaves them as a little useless in interacting with that particular set, and I highly doubt I’ll ever get my hands on a proper Necromunda starter set. Never say never though!

Actually, while we’re on the topic of interlinking different sets, I’d like to recommend this post and the following post by a chap going by Koernl on his own blogspot. While the text is as clear as I’d like, he clearly has a knack for putting projects together, and has been combining the old Necromunda scenery with both the Sector Imperialis and Sector Mechanicus sets. Through this he has got a variety of levels, which I think is perfect for the chaos that is Shadow War/Necromunda.

Back to my own terrain efforts! While disassembling a broken heater, I kept a piece of this hexagonal metallic mesh, hoping it would come in useful someday, and it seem that day may be now. I’ve got a could of the rectangular pieces you can see on the right, which lie a little shorter than the Mechanicus walkways ways and a fair bit wider. My current plan is to use these as templates to cut some plasticard backing to stick the mesh too, the encase the piece in the black plastic. This will give me some wider pieces to use as bridges between different terrain pieces, which hopefully should look better than plain pieces of plasticard. It will certainly be an interesting experiment at least.

My next piece I’m really excited about. A few years back my dad’s air compressor broke down, and I happened to be in the garage at that point. I immediately asked whether I could take it apart, and when I did I found this awesome looking combination of hydraulic systems! The large tank is about a marine in diameter, so I’m hoping to make this into a proper piece of terrain, looking like the motor for some other, unknown system. It’s going to require a proper clean up first, but should look great once finished.

I’m yet to decide what to actually add as the “mechanised” component, but I’m sure something will grab my attention eventually.

Another piece of legitimate salvage are these parts of a Nerf-like rifle I pulled apart years ago. The plan had been to convert the remaining pieces into a Bolt Pistol prop, but that, of course, never happened.  These bits were left over though, and provide some interesting opportunities. My current plan is to use the fake silencer as a chimney, and it might work well with the Mechanicus pieces, but I haven’t tested that theory yet. Hmmm, if we’re going for a chimney, I wonder how much effort a smoke machine would be…

The rifle barrels will be becoming some form of generator, I’m currently thinking of the plasma variety. This MAY be because I already have the blue LEDs, but I’ll probably end up testing several colours. Regardless, I’m hoping to build a neat and easy battery replacement section on the end, neaten up the cut up ends and light the holes from the inside. Should look good!, and add a fun lighting element to the games.

Finally, we have the generic detritus that I’ve accumulated, whilst thinking “ooo, that looks a bit like a…”. The stack of cubes will become crates eventually, hopefully without too much work. The now-illegal-in-the-UK imperial measure will become a vat, possibly even with an outstretched hand, and the resin gates will be some general street detritus. I’m not sure I really like the idea, because they don’t really look like anything, but it’ll make the battlefield a little more cluttered, which is a good thing in Shadow War.

The pressure gauge came from the same compressor, and may well end up back with the kit, after printing a new inner section, or next to some bigger vats. Finally, the pieces on the end a perfect for some U-shaped girders, or for simply adding some detail to the kits. I hope to be able to use them without too much work, perhaps helping spruce up some barricades.

Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble about my enthused terrain plans, as I’m clearly excited about the prospect of more games of Shadow War. I hope to be meeting my mate Hades in a few months time, so maybe I’ll have some of this prepared for our showdown?

Shadow War Armageddon: Terrain Ideas Afoot!
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