Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke

About this time last year, I committed myself to the Infamy Miniatures Kickstarter. I’d never really been a huge fan of Steampunk before, but these models really captured my imagination! James Griffiths at Infamy has created a lot of awesome models, with inspirations ranging from real people (Oscar Wilde and Nikola Tesla) to old books (Dickens and Carroll) even to more modern influences (The Rockateer!).

His twists on these concepts are really quite inspired, and I’m sure it’s a team effort over there at his developing company. The re-interpretation of the Wind in the Willows gang as dockside thugs is a favourite of mine.

Tesla in Workshop

My Pledge

The models I’ve chosen to invest in may not form a true gang of their own, but as always I’ve come up with my own fluff for them, based off the Infamy background, of course!

So, my group is made up of the clever clogs on Victorian London. They shall form the National Scientific Consortium, a meeting of minds to fight back against the gangs who are rioting all around London. Many of the gangs have access to their own dangerous contraptions, and the Consortium aims to control this access, so that they can control the gangs.

Such an ambitious undertaking is led by Mr Kingdom, who traverses London in his dangerous mechanical suit. His Futura machines roam the streets, exacting a heavy toll in the rioters’ blood, and even though some may be modified, they still obey his command.

Nikola Tesla tends to be rather scatter-brained, slightly crazy and a bit too fond of the pigeons, but he has been known to supply the Peelers (police) of Infamy’s London with advanced weaponry. It was then to him that Mr Kingdom turned, even though they have a bitter rivalry, both professionally and personally.

He is technically the “Kingpin” of the group, if I ever get around to playing a game. That seems to be a common sentiment in my blogs… There are  two variants of Tesla, as well as his creations, the Quaker robot and the Tea Stand.

Next up, the Royal Contingent! Doctor Umber is the Queen’s Servant, and uses his portable Faraday cage to dance through the universe. He is accompanied by the Dimension-Hopping Tesla, who has breached this universe from another, making for some rather strange conversation with her counterpart. Captain Brindie completes this section, monitoring the Consortium (while really trying to avoid doing any PROPER work).

Captain Brindie also coordinates the groups interactions with the Peelers, the Victorian Police. Their support is integral when heading into the city proper, as they provide some much needed muscle. Tesla has even created a walking tank, the Suppressor, to ensure their total defence.

Finally, here are a few additions who may fill out my group every once in a while. The Cavalier Rockateer supports the Royal Contingent, when he gets leave from guarding the Tower of London. He is joined in the air by the Lamplighter, a street thug whose suit relies on power sources that the Consortium can readily obtain. His suit and that of the diver, called Princess Outis in Infamy, were built by the consortium. Finally Professor Hoome is another displaced soul, whose dimension is now lost to him.

All in all, there are some fantastic models that I have picked up from this Kickstarter, and some new ones I plan to pick up as I progress further down the Steampunk path!

Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke
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