I was bored, so I drew some Night Lords

If I was ever to do a Chaos Space Marine army, I’d be most tempted to create a rogue group of the Night Lords. Something about these terror-agents really appeals to me, and I’d never be sure whether I’d do a Horus Heresy or 40k army. I’d probably just do a cross-over force.

Chaos Daemons are really not a selling point for me, and the whole “possessed Space Marine” look doesn’t sell the army to me, so when I read that my favourite faction wants nothing to do with Daemons, I was indeed happy. A group of criminals and murderers rampaging around with little proper cohesion sounds perfectly Chaotic to me, and the fact that sometimes they are just downright cowardly makes me laugh

And their Primarch, Konrad Curze, is basically just a MASSIVE KILLING BATMAN. If I wasn’t already sold on there guys, that would have got me there. Sure, he has some weird visions and a bit of an inferiority complex due to being abandoned and ruling the dark for years, but he’s still awesome. Plus his and Sevatar’s models look gorgeous, available from Forge World:

So I looked at how to incorporate the Batman aspects, and tune them to the nth degree, finding inspiration from the pages of Dr McNinja. Christopher Hasting’s series focuses on the eponymous character, who read Batman comics from a young age, and trained through his life to BE BATMAN. The webcomic is actually amazing, so if I haven’t recommended it before, you really should read it. He’s also awesome at drawing Batman-like poses:

I drew the following sketch at quarter to midnight in dim lighting, so the murkiness and mess suits the theme of the Night Lords! I would love to make a pack of Night Lords Raptors, with large Batman capes. The MAIN difference would be to suit their horrific visage, making the inside of the cape look like it’s stitched together from flayed skin, with screaming faces and everything. Vlad von Carstein on the GW site has the right idea! Terror is everyhing to Night Lords, and who is the king of terror? Batman.

2016-03-06 Batman Night Lords

I was bored, so I drew some Night Lords
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