Festive Model Exchange: Boba Fett in 40k, by Hades

To follow on from the last post, I’m here to talk about the other side of my Christmas model exchange. I recently covered the Necron Pariah/Culexus conversion I built for Hades, and was really pleased with the outcome of my build.
But then I met up with Hades, and was COMPLETELY blown out of the water. He did know beforehand that I was highly unlikely to actually paint my side, but man did I feel lame when seeing this guy:
He only went and converted a Boba Fett model! Inspired by a Han Solo conversion I’m working on, Hades added to the lore of my Star Wars/Warhammer 40k crossover group, and I now have a bounty hunter dedicated to hunting down my likely lads.
The bulk of the model comes from a metal Cadian Kasrkin, with some interesting additions in the form of a Kroot gun barrel, a fantasy Marauder cloak section and a fair amount of sculpting to blend the parts together. Fett’s head has always been a challenge in similar conversions I’ve seen, but Hades’ went with a cool Warrior of Chaos helm. It all works together well, and the painting suits ties him into both worlds.
But it’s the base which really completes the model! Hades went with the classic Tatooine sand dunes, and used the tongue of a Chaos Slaughterbrute to make a mini-Sarlacc! A sail vane from a Dark Eldar model shows the remains from Jabba’s pleasure boat…leading me to a possible conversion idea for a gross Haemonculi-created Dark Eldar Jabba.
I’m super happy with this model exchange, especially as I’m sure Hades will do a much better job of painting his new model than I would have! His Boba now sits happily in my cabinet, pointing directly at my desk to urge me to paint!!!
Festive Model Exchange: Boba Fett in 40k, by Hades
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