Scamapalooza!: The Prestige’s Secrets

This week I’ve been listening to a lot of a new podcast, one called Scamapalooza!

It’s another Australian podcast, hosted by Mammoth Audio, and can be found here.

Nicholas J. Johnson (@CountLustig) produces an episode roughly once a fortnight, bringing in an interesting guest pretty much every week, to talk an aspect of either conmanship or magic. These guests are always interesting and (mostly) knowledgeable, but of course exceptions have to made for Nick Mason of the Weekly Planet! The topics range from movies to acts to the nitty gritty of street level crime, and Mr Johnson provides comedy or background where necessary. Recently he featured the story of a victim of a long romance con, which was both educational and heart-wrenching, and they used the opportunity to awaken more people to the threat these scams face.

Now onto this weeks sketch:

2016-01-25 Scampalooza does The Prestige (1)

Mr Johnson put out a call for any fan art for his show, and I drew this in a few hours to make him feel a bit better about it all. He hasn’t gotten around to covering The Prestige yet, but given as it’s a magic based film I thought I’d replace Hugh Jackman with him. On the right, his cloning machine is churning out all his old guests as Nicholas J. Johnson steals the limelight!

In response to this particular sketch, Mr Johnson replied through Twitter: “That is a thing of beauty.”

And on the next podcast: “A big thank you to everyone who submitted both charming and extraordinarily creepy reviews and fan art over the last week”…I’m gonna guess mine fell under creepy? Probably true.


Scamapalooza!: The Prestige’s Secrets
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