D&D is for Nerds: Jiggalump the Magic Cat

Sanspants Radio has had my attention for the week. They produce a good few fun podcasts, which you can see here, and the revolving teams make it interesting to listen to several a week.

Since the summer they’ve been playing a 3rd Edition D&D adventure, something I’ve never had the chance to do myself. It seems great fun, and since the whole game goes on in the theatre of the mind, it’s all been really good so far. They’ve wrapped up the first full adventure, complete with a main characters unfortunate fate, and have been playing a few sidequests before chapter 2 starts up.

The latest episode saw the return of MY favourite character from season 1, in a bolt of orange fury. Jiggalump, the abused familiar of Krifpum Pumkriff, shot back into the action, and the break…hasn’t been good for him. Jackson’s new incarnation was the subject of his hatred, and Jiggalump seemed to have been experimented on, now having the ability to shoot arcs of magical lightning!

The mirth I felt when the DM Adam finally got his revenge was so sweet, I just had to draw this poor cat. He looks about as angry as he’s ever been. I’m actually incredibly pleased with this cat, I really feel as though it’s some of my best work recently.


D&D is for Nerds: Jiggalump the Magic Cat
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