“The Fallen Father”: Genestealer Patriarch

To start my log, I’ll be putting up some of the initial design I have done over the last few years. This is mostly sketch work, but I’m going to treat you (the world) today with actual conversions!

I love the old Patriarch model, and the idea of a Genestealer taking on the role of the Hive Mind in subjugating a world, and getting treated like a king in the process! Tyranids live to consume, so if a Genestealer was able to control drones to bring it food, why WOULDN’T it get fat? It has no need to hunt for food, and will spend its time controlling the growing horde of hybrids and brood brothers.

So the morbidly obese model is perfect to me, but I couldn’t get behind the silly throne. Yes, the model is pretty gorgeous, and the mixture of Chaos and Cult iconography is a good laugh, but you’d never take it into a battle. I had a look round the GW site, and I stumbled across Inquisitor Lord Karamazov:


Now THAT is a throne I can get behind! it’s mobile, imposing, ostentatious as only Warhammer can pull off, and even his rules can be reasoned out for “counts as”…well, except the power sword. And the multi-melta. A little while later and I’d sketched out my Patriarch in a bland throne, controlled via some sort of mind-control doohickey over his head. I had initially thought of making his removable, and putting his throne into a Knight, but decided against that in the end. I’m sure I’ll explain my plans for a Knight soon…

Patriarch's Throne

So with a plan in mind, I set about ripping apart a Dread I got from the Deathstorm boxset. I ended up cutting various parts into a rough shape, and built up the legs onto some fallen LoTR rubble. Still to come is a cast of the throne back, to build up some impressive backbone to the throne, and then I’ll have to greenstuff some sumptuous cushions for the Patriarch to recline upon. Also, I solved the multi-melta problem with a Genestealer Servo-Skull, mono-tasked to the big cannon. This will be on the his left, while the right will contain a communications array to ensure his signal is broadcast to all of the Cult.

This heathen atrocity is courtesy of the corrupted Sacristans, whose knowledge of the Knight’s walker systems allowed the construction of both the walking throne and his halo of power.

“The Fallen Father”: Genestealer Patriarch
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