Why the Cult?

Indeed, why should I have such a desire to create a faction with models older than I am?

Genestealer Cults have a storied history, being created in the days of Rogue Trader, a mix between an alien infiltration of human society and a hotbed of disrest that could turn to Chaotic worship. Now, I’m not a fan of Chaos in general, and I don’t really like that part of the fluff, but I can totally get behind the Cult attracting all sorts of undesirables. This picture from White Dwarf shows what a…diverse group the cult could be:

Complete Mixture

And those limos, my how gorgeous they are. In the days of rampant conversion, household items would be transformed at will, but I’d be looking to update some of the look to fit the current aesthetic. I think I will actually restrict myself to GW products, in case I ever decide to enter a tournament of some kind, so I’ll be ripping up some old plastic kits and building plasticard frames for my limos.

The old metal models will obviously be a starting point, and I’ve managed to get quite a few of them off eBay for reasonable prices. Then bulking out the force will be some Cadian models, or maybe a conversion of Empire handgunners into a ragtag militia. The ribbing on these models in gorgeous, and if GW ever makes a new set, I really hope they stick to this design.

So, armed with a checklist of models to get, I went hunting for inspiration, and found it in some of the old Rogue Trader artwork. I believe some of these also come from Space Hulk, the Deathwatch RPG from FFG and maybe some old WDs. I love some of the designs, and may do a little homage to some of them in my own army. The Genestealer holding a ridiculous Chaos sword is a personal favourite!

Why the Cult?
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