“Their Vessel Is Complete”: Genestealer Cult Limo, Part 3

Finally! I never expected to have to write up this in three whole posts,  but if you want to see the making-of, here is part 1 and part 2. I’m really proud of the final product of my Genestealer Cult Limo, which could easily proxy as a Chimera, Taurox, Trukk or Goliath, especially with those magnets I’ve made. Lengthwise it is certainly larger than all of them, and I’m planning on elevating the model on some form of base. Before we get to the gallery of my finished Limo, here are a couple shots of the scale compared to my finished Goliath:

I’m thinking of tilting it slightly on the base, either making a small turn or avoiding a ground obstacle. Maybe a kneeling brood brother, supplicating himself in front of the Magus, and trusting he will not be killed? I will need to think up some secure way of elevating the model though, probably with perspex rod. I may also add some other cosmetic parts, and might try some luxury items on the shelf by the Magus’ bench.

I don’t know whether I’ll include the hybrid I built from scrap, I’m actually thinking he may end up surfacing from a grate on the Patriarch’s base… Here he is though, with the other half of his body.

Final thoughts on the model though? I’m really happy with my first attempt at a completely scratch-built conversion, as even the Patriarch’s Throne has stock legs. I found it very hard to keep everything squared up, especially as I don’t think there are many right-angles in this project, so it does look a little…hand-made, but this is reasonable in a Cult model to my eyes.

The concept worked out well though, just came out more angular than rounded, and I didn’t use all the parts in one go. This means I have plenty to give it a second go! I’ve also acquired a few more interesting rounded parts, so if I do a second one, expect it to look rather different to this. I might tryto incorporate the guns into the grille, in a Lady Penelope-like fashion. Hmmm…FAB 1 re-purposed by the Cult… My idea! Mine 😛

Anyway, here is the finished gallery of my Genestealer Cult Limo, I hope you enjoy it. A few angles might make the parts look wonky, but the are all as ordered as I can get them!


“Their Vessel Is Complete”: Genestealer Cult Limo, Part 3
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