“The First”: The Cult Mother

My first project was actually Tyranids, and I accumulated a fair share of those gribbly monsters very quickly, but my imagination was truly captured by their insidious Genestealer Cults.

I wasn’t actually around when the original models and rules came out, so gathering a collection of these older-than-I models was a fairly strange experience. Many hours were spent scouring eBay and other sources for the models I wanted. As I searched, I came up with plenty of different stories for my cult, and my chosen backstory will be updated and kept on the Origins page.

The First

A central character in the workings of the Cult is The First. She discovered the initial Genestealer in the crash of the Federacia, and became the first infected with the Genestealer mutagens. A strong psychic bond developed between the soon-to-be-Patriarch and this woman, and she was utterly subjugated by its will. She gave life to the first and strongest of the hybrids, and would continue to shelter the Patriarch as the Cult grew. Worship of this four-armed monstrous god took place in her abode, quickly becoming a place of decadence and debauchery as the Cult prospered.

The First would become the Patriarch’s mouthpiece, their bond so complete that her word became law. She would lead the Cult in further infiltration, and, for better or worse, lead them in the heat of battles to come…

The First (1)

I plan on building on the Dark Elf Sorceress body from GW, once I get good enough at green stuff, which is shown by the green additions. It might be while, but I’d like her to be a good as I can make it. The conversion may look a bit like this one, built by fenshysa on Dakkadakka:

Fenshysa's conversion of the Sorceress

“The First”: The Cult Mother
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