“The Demagogue Speaketh”: The Magi

While they may be second to The First in my Cult, the Magi of the Church of Eternal Truth work tirelessly to the betterment of the Cult, letting everyone know of the Patriarch’s will.

Magus (2)

In game I’m likely to use them as an Imperial Psyker Squad, and I’ve been playing around with using the Daemonology powers, summoning other Cult members from the sewer networks under the cityscape. I’d be primarily using the Primaris power, I wouldn’t be looking to exploit the whole thing! So one Magi, in a Limo (Chimera) will be swooping around the battlefield, channelling the psychic powers of the squad he controls.

Magus (1)

I’ve always liked the old models, they are just incredibly sculpted, so I’ve been slowly picking them up over time. I’m lucky to have even collected the Magus with computer controller, so all they need now is a little bath to get them ready to paint. No conversions on these bad boys!



“The Demagogue Speaketh”: The Magi
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