Shadow War Armageddon: I’ve actually started painting?!

I never thought this day would come, but I finally sat down and applied a little paint to some models! They are by no means finished, but I have made a start.

This has all been spurred on by the emergence of Shadow War Armageddon, the cool new skirmish-level game from GW. I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now, but it is taking the miniature world by storm, as it’s basically a repackaged version of Necromunda, but using the current 40k factions instead. Those rules have been around for nigh on 30 years (or more? I’m not sure), and are generally regarded as one of the most robust systems out there, so in the next few months we’ll see just how broken they’ll be by the variety of factions GW has forced in.


I love the concept of the game, I’ve always wanted to play Necromunda, and with these rules I will finally be able to do just that. My problem is that most of the gangs in Necromunda started at a fairly even level, with generic Gangers and Juves starting off with the same stats. Trying to extend this to Tyranid Warriors (why them not Gaunts and ‘Stealers?) or Harlequins or Grey Knights seems quite ridiculous, and I hope it plays out alright. Then you get onto the topic of Special Operatives, and the whole system cracks. Eldar have Autarchs, Harlequins have a Solitaire who replaces the entire team but is practically invincible, and Genestealer Cult have…a Genestealer. Their’s would fit the theme, and is quite remarkable on the tabletop, but doesn’t match the calibre of what some can bring to bear.

Anyway, rant over, and back to painting. I’m incredibly excited to build my Cult team up from the variety of old and new models I’ve been converting for the last few years, and it gives me a good excuse to apply some paint on them. And that I did, first whacking out all my paints and searching through each pot, to see which were salvageable from the last time I actually used them…many years back…

Thankfully a lot were still alright, and I’ve been able to come up with a bit of a colour scheme, that I’m sure will evolve as I go along. For the older set of models, who will eventually form the Astra Militarum section of my force, I’m going to go for a vibrant orange/tan for the cloth elements, to invoke a little of that jailhouse vibe. The newer sculpts will instead be getting blue cloth, before I give them all brass armour parts. I’ll be buying some paints for this, as my Brazen Brass was well and truly dried up. I’m still a little unsure on the Genestealer chitin and plating colours, likely going for bone-coloured chitin and a dark green for the plating.

My first attempt at the cloth is on the right, but the Vallejo paint I was using seems to have separated a little too much for such use, unfortunately. Even more annoying is that fact that actually that paint is only a couple years old, with many of the GW paints have lasted 10+ years with ease. Honestly, this is probably more a sign that I should have been painting before this point!

So here are my Shadow War kill team models before I went off to the local store for a friendly first few games of Shadow War. Obviously still WIP, and the black took FAR too long to apply by hand, so I’ll be picking up a base coat spray before I do any more models, but I’m relatively happy with the progress so far. It’s also quite handy in that the newer models all represent specialists or leaders, so I can tell the importance of a model by colour at this point.

While prepping for the night, I made a quick and easy carrying box for myself, to help me transport them without much fuss, just using some tougher card for dividers. I knew that comic obsession I’ve entertained would come in useful someday! For some hard card…

So I went down to the friendly local game store, for the first time I’ve thrown dice in a long, long time. And I was treated with a game using the spectacular old Necromunda terrain! You’ll see it at the end of the post, and regardless of the state of our models, playing on this old plastic and cardboard terrain was a blast. I totally understand why these sets go for such a huge amount on eBay now, they are so malleable in terms of the board you can build. I only have two bulkhead pieces to my name, which I inherited from a person leaving the hobby on my street.

Anyway, the games were a lot of fun, rolling dice and trying to cause some damage to the rock hard Chaos Space Marines and Eldar I ended up playing against. Of course, these were only friendly trial games, but the certainly prompted me to think about what was and was not working on my team. I must say, my flamer was by far the MVP of the Chaos game, downing 2 traitor marines and a cultist solo.

Playing to theme of the Cult seems to be the way to go, throwing lots of bodies on the field with plenty of long range weapons. You’ll hardly be hitting on better than 6’s, so might as well play with the weight of numbers. It did reaffirm my thoughts that the points seem a little jumbled, and when we added specialists to the games I felt severely outclassed. Overall though, a fun way to spend an evening, and it has further pushed me to the development of terrain…




Shadow War Armageddon: I’ve actually started painting?!
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