“Protect His Presence”: House Guardians

Another kit that I’d like to put my own spin on is the modern Stormtroopers/”Tempestus Scions” kit, as it has just the right amount of knightly influences to fit into my feudal world. I’m not a huge fan of the armoured heads, and the berets will likely get used on a Gaunt’s Ghosts project, so the key was to find a helmet head that would fit with the same influences. I’m sure it’s been done before, but I’m planning on using the Skitarii Vanguard helms.

For my fluff, the Noble Houses of Inexorus VII all keep a household guard, who form the elite troops protecting the grounds and the Nobles within. And once the Noble house falls to the Cult, their leaders will be removed, and squads will be lead into battle by a hybrid commander. As their allegiances shift, their primary responsibility becomes the Patriarch and the Magi.

My sketches are rough, but I’m excited that I’ll be able to build these guys eventually.

And as a little bonus, here is a sketch I did when the new Harlequins came out, as the sweet digs on the Death Jester looked very Cult-ish. I…messed up the legs, but it is just a sketch.

Hybrids (1)

“Protect His Presence”: House Guardians
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