“Patriarch’s Love”: The Cult Knight

I’ve been picking up Cult models for quite a while now, and when the Imperial Knight came out, I just KNEW I had to change my fluff to fit around an awesome idea I had.

There are of course lots of incredible Knight conversions going around nowadays, and I am unlikely to be able to pick up and build this one any time soon. In that case, I’m putting these sketches up for posterities sake. The initial idea was to build up a current Genestealer spine on the model’s carapace, as the body structure is already fairly hunched over:

Knight (1)

Adding a pair of GK Dreadknight arms would be supply the Stealer-like secondary arms, and I designed a bit of an upgrade to the face a little later on. I’ll be using the bare head, before adding tentacle cables. I still had no idea what sort of weaponry to deck it out with, but here’s the sketch:

Knight (2)

Finally with the release of the Knight Warden kit, I have decided to go with a conversion of the power claw, to fit the Genestealer aesthetic, and most likely the chainsword, maybe even a magnetisation. The Dreadknight arms will likely need a bit of an overall to fit the knight, but I planned out the extension of the body as follows:

Knight (3)

This will likely require EXTENSIVE conversion, plasticard, and likely two big kits.

“Patriarch’s Love”: The Cult Knight