Origins of the Cult

The Knight World Inexorus VII

When the space hulk Federacia burnt through the atmosphere of Knight World Inexorus VII, the peasantry saw it as the fulfilment of a long-held prophecy, which maintained the centuries of hostility between the Knight Houses upon their planet would be brought to an end. Weakened and vulnerable from this never-ending conflict, the nobles of House Deláge were utterly unprepared for what was to come.

Scavenger teams were sent to the crash site, months were spent stripping all useful components from the wreckage, but while they worked, scampering and clattering could be heard from within the bowels of the ship. Many of the workers feared what could be found inside, but harsh taskmasters and the promise of food for their family kept them going. It was one of the hardier folk who eventually came face to face with the source of noise: a wounded, beaten Genestealer.

This woman, later known as the First, recoiled in horror when she saw what she had released, and this was all the opportunity needed for the ‘stealer to strike, knocking her flat on his back and injecting her with its ovipositor. Slowly the convulsions stopped, until the First gazed up at the Genestealer with an expression of unconditional love and servitude, shackled to the ‘stealer’s will. The First showed the Genestealer to safety, and so began the conversion of Inexorus VII.

While nursing the Genestealer in its recovery, the First hid the ‘stealer in her house, feeding it and cleaning it, until its will was strong enough to spread. Commanding the First to find a mate and continue its lineage, the ‘stealer crept into the night and struck at the surrounding houses of the neo-feudal village, bringing more people under its sway.

By the end of the third month, the whole village was under the control of the recovered Genestealer, and the minds it controlled had amplified its psychic potential. The First was looked to in all matters of the village, as her connection with the ‘stealer was stronger than any, and a fanatical religion developed slowly, venerating the alien as a prophet of change.

Any traveller to the village would undoubtedly feel the pull of the Genestealer’s influence, his psychic shadow lingering permanently over the village, and this would draw them into the home of the First, now little more than a den for the ‘stealer, with a rough cot on the floor for the First and her current mate. From there the infection would spread, with the traveller taking the will of the Genestealer and the fanatical religion with him to his own village.

A year passed, and whole swathes of the land of House Deláge had fallen to the Genestealer, its strength growing exponentially and its first corrupted offspring being born. Due to her status as First among many, and her position directly serving the Genestealer, the First had already produced three children, her body reacting to its will and desire. These children were the first hybrids, hideous mixes of Genestealer and human, but the peasants loved them all the same.

The growing religion, known as the Church of Universal Truth, was finally coming to the attention of House Deláge, whose messenger reached the First one year, to the day, after her first interaction with the ‘stealer.

Origins of the Cult
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