“For the highest, the fastest”: The Cult Limousines

As always, the Genestealer Cult must have its limos, and I thought long and hard about what sort of car I wanted to use. Eventually I decided on the classic Morgan, a favourite of mine since I played Asphalt Urban GT on the DS as a young teen.

My limousines will most likely be used for Psyker Battle Squads, with a Magus converting the psychic potential of these recruits into proper power. He can then fire these blasts from his moving pulpit, summoning more cultists from the sewer systems.

Limo (1)

Given I plan to be proxying them as Chimeras or Ork Trukks, I thought I’d better give them enough girth to fit the profile of these vehicles. So the height of the body will be increased a bit, and the windows decreased to be less vulnerable.

Limo (2)

The idea behind these is that the Magi will be the only real users of these luxury cars, with anti-grav “wheels” and possibly even neon lighting. The cockpit of the car will be made from the top of a predator turret, and the gun port (now located at the back) will be made into a viewing station for the attendant Magus.

Limo (3)

I’ll be building a plasticard or similar frame, then using parts from the Predator, Ork Bomma and Imperial Guard vehicles to cover it in GW parts…I’d like to be able to use these guys!

“For the highest, the fastest”: The Cult Limousines
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