“Even the Lowliest may serve His Purpose”: Brood Brothers

My view of the Brood Brothers on Inexorus VII would fit with the polarised world view shown on this world. The Knight Cities horde all possible technology within their walls, only releasing the simplest of tech to the common folk of the world. This produces a stark difference between the members of the Cult from these two disparate worlds, where the peasantry of the farms and mines have only the most simple weaponry and rudimentary armour, but the elite of the cities have Planetary Defence Force gear akin to regular Imperial Guard.

Of course, once the Cult starts to ascend, these groups are forced together, all ruled over by the hybrid-class and the Patriarch, but still sticking to their established groups.

In modelling terms, the peasantry will likely be made from Empire hand-gunner models, with a simple lasgun barrel replacing the end of the handgun. Or maybe not even that! I’ll attach some small symbols to mark them out as Cult, and remove any Empire heraldry. For games, they would most likely serve as a conscript blob, forced into the fight en mass.


On the other hand, the city dwellers will be most likely represented by converted Cadians, but I doubt I’ll be including many of them. I picked up some of the really old metal Imperial Guard, from Rogue Trader I believe, who’ll be worked in with the hybrids, or may be used as sergeants/special weapons troopers in the blob.

But by far my favourite party are the most…insane elements of the Cult. Secretive organisations always prove to be a magnet for the disenfranchised, so I’m most looking forward to modelling some crazies, maybe even a few abhumans or gangers. The first I made were mainly created because I realised I still had some Ork Rokkits in my bits box, and are still very much WIP.

I’ve still got to rig their flamers up with tubes to the fuel packs attached to the rocket, and somehow build up afterburn to hold them upright. Maybe even some flames coming out of the flamers. Paint wise, I’ll be painting up their clothes in a bright orange, to show their flame-retardant properties. If I ever play a game, I’ll use them as Flamers, that I can summon with my Magi, they’ll roughly fit those rules.

Also, I built myself a bit of biker, but I’m pretty sure his bike is a LITTLE big.

“Even the Lowliest may serve His Purpose”: Brood Brothers
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