Deathwatch Overkill arrives!

So, I finally got my box of the new boxed game in the post, and boy I’m glad I bought it from GW direct. Not only is it good to actually support them when they do something I so happily agree with, but also it’s actually a rather good deal. PLUS, they included a free art print of the box cover! A friend of mine had mentioned they did a similar promotion with Space Hulk, but I still didn’t expect it.

DWO - Box Contents

Now, the box contents are pretty awesome. I’m not going to take pictures of all the sprues, but they are really pretty detailed. Can’t wait to build a load of them, but half of the cultists are going to need a bit of a conversion. The booklet is actually very interesting, quite a bit of background on Ghosar Quintus, the infected planet.

DWO - Board Zones

And these board sections are very detailed as well, and made from a similar material to the Space Hulk pieces. In fact, I’m pretty sure you could make a kick-ass board from the combination of those sets, maybe for Zone Mortalis?

DWO - Cards

Finally, there’s some really gorgeous artwork on these cards, which has also been used for the series of Deathwatch books released recently.

All in all, it’s actually a really good buy. 50 detailed models, for two newly-refreshed factions. No idea what the game will be like, I’ll report back if I ever build enough models to play!

Deathwatch Overkill arrives!
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