Cult Army List


Patriarch (Enthroned) – Inquisitor Karamazov: Multi-melta, Power Sword, Orbital Strike, Grenades

The overarching Lord of the Cult, the Forebear; the Patriarch is a massive Genestealer bloated by the psychic potential it has sapped over its long years of existence. Carried aloft on a huge throne created by coerced Sacristans, he enforces his will through an immense psychic potential and his mere presence. With his will bent to the coercion of his forces, he can still wade into the fray to satisfy his baser Tyranid urges.

Something along the lines of Inquisitor Karamazov’s throne, using the throne and a Dreadnought. Use magnets to make the Patriarch himself removable. Include grenade launchers either side of the throne, a multi-melta/meltaguns, and some sort of power claw analog.


Broodlord –Inquisitor (Xenos): Psyker (ML1), Power Armour, Force Sword, Psychotroke Grenades

Each brood of purestrain Genestealers will eventually produce a larger monstrosity, raised by its hybrid parents to become a veritable beast of war. With an armoured hide almost as strong as the Patriarch’s, a psychic will that can be bent to the summoning of cultists and natural weapons deadly in a fight, they embody the Patriarch’s will on the battlefield.

Possibly extend talons or add mechanical enhancements


“The Patriarch’s Love” – Knight

Built eons ago in the expansion of the Adeptus Mechanicus, this Knight has been extensively modified since the Genestealer infestations took over the ruling Knightly house. Riddled with iconography and crafted into a design reminiscent of the Patriarch.

Build the Knight with a more Genestealer positioning, torso bent more forward. An extra pair of arms (from the Dreadknight) attached slightly higher with the belly plate will reinforce this. Make sure to model on mechanical sockets! Use the bare-bones face, and add lots of tentacles and a 5-plate crest. Keep the main armour removable, and add a Genestealer carapace to it, with spines. Create an inserted throne within the carapace to add the Patriarch to (using magnets).



Patriarch (Running) – Commissar Yarrick: Bale Eye, Power Klaw, Storm Bolter, Power Field

The converted Sacristans of the household are responsible for a multitude of offences against the Machine God, but the most reprehensible must be the enhancement of a Broodlord with sacred tech. A mind-linked storm bolter and short-range laser provide this Broodlord with even more tools for destruction, while pistons strengthen the already-lethal claws to new heights. A power field ensures its survival to the battlefront, reinforced by the Broodlord’s will.

Mount a storm bolter gauntlet to one arm; a laser device somewhere, possibly the eye; build mechanical talons over the existing arm.

The First – Primaris Psyker: Laspistol, Force weapon, Refractor Field, Psyker (ML2) 

The Patriarch’s Walking Will concentrates the summons of all psykers within the army, and uses her innate psychic abilities to predict changes in the battle.

Add Genestealer armour to the Dark Elf Sorceress, and an ornate laspistol or needler pistol.

Noble Court – Company Command Squad

Used to ruling their estates under constant threat of attack, the Nobles of house Deláge were schooled in warfare long before the Cult’s influence blossomed. Their retinue of household guards are often accompanied by Magi more persuasive than psychically powerful, giving voice to the commands of the Patriarch.

The Primus from Deathwatch Overkill would be a perfect commander for the force, but would require more extensive conversions to create a good guard.

Sacristan Attendants – Enginseer: Power Axe, Servo-arm, Laspistol, Power Armour

More of a monk-like sect than the traditional devotees of the Machine God, the millennia-long absence of Mars meant that the Sacristans had to train locals of the planet to carry on traditions and preserve the sacred Knights. This has caused the devolution of the order, while further experimentation has been encouraged over the course of time. Databanks stocked with Imperial designs enable them to construct a variety of weapons and tech as needed, and maintain the huge supplies garnered in the Explorator fleets first centuries. Their corruption began when one was captured and forced before the Patriarch, who then spread the arrival of their messiah within the order.

The Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest will provide a perfect basis for this, as he already has an extra pair of spindly arms, the right body shape, and some small wires can change his mechanical face.

Spreaders of the Faith – Priest: Laspistol, CCW, Flak Armour, Rosarius, Autogun (or Plasma Gun)

Lord Commissar: The Emperor’s Benediction, Boltgun, CCW, Carapace Armour

Commissar: Boltgun, CCW, Flak Armour

The acolytes of the Magi, these fanatics carry a minute portion of the Patriarch’s will wherever they go, and can use it to instil confidence in cultists. While their methods may vary, and they may hybrids or common peasants, they follow the dictates of the Patriarch and his Magi implicitly.


Magi Conduit and Untrained Psykers – Psyker Battle Squad [10]: laspistol, CCW 

Cults have always taken the opportunity to gather any psychic potential, with civilian and hybrid psykers alike welcomed. By giving control of a group of these raw psykers to an experienced Magi, they can wield the meagre strands of power into a potent assault, sacrificing members as needed to achieve even higher feats.

One Magus leading the squad, with the rest of the squad made up of Genestealer Familiars, Rogue Psykers, Flagellants? Ghoul Hybrids?

Household Guard – Tempestus Scions

By insinuating through the media of the hives, Magi are able to sway more powerful elements to their cause. The battle-hardened household guards were as divided as the Nobles within the house, leaving some to prove receptive to the Magi’s preaching. Serving as sergeants to Blood Brother cells or operating in teams by themselves, their military expertise is integral for larger-scale campaigns.

Switch their helms with those of the Skitarii.


The general bulk of the army will be supplied by a complete mix of the following elements, with a general hierarchy in terms of weaponry implied by the order listed.

Hybrids – Sergeants, Heavy Weapons, Special Weapons

Blood Brothers / Gangs – Guardsmen

These gangs are full of fanatics from all backgrounds, who have given themselves completely to the cause and fight for the chance to prove themselves to the Patriarch. With often disparate clothing and gear, the cult of Inexorus VII has taken to adopting a mask of tentacles, mimicking some of the more alien Genestealers that embody the Patriarchs will. They form small groups to traverse the hive, acting as dictated by the Magi.

Give them tentacle masks, covering from their nose down. Made out a series of strings hanging downwards, attached like a doctors mask around the ears.

Peasantry – Conscripts


The Magi’s Limousines – Chimera

Household Strong Van – Taurox


Hellhound Squadron

Rough Riders


“His Breath Be Upon You” – Hydra: 2 twin-linked Hydra Autocannons, Heavy Bolter

“And Lo, The Heavens Fell” – Wyvern: 2 twin-linked Stormshard Mortars, Heavy Bolter

“Feel His Heavenly Wrath” – Basilisk: Earthshaker Cannon, Heavy Bolter

When retrofitting hive vehicles to fight in the coming conflicts, one Sacristan took direct inspiration from the Knightly armouries he had serviced for decades. As the only large-scale weapon production facilities were dedicated to Knight components, he used the rapid-fire battle cannon typically found on Knights to create a long range artillery weapon

THE CULT RISING – Summoned Daemons using Malefic Daemonology

After many decades of subjugating the downtrodden, a circus of abhumans, rejects, hybrids and degenerates can be attracted to the battlefield by the psychic call of the Magi. Dominated by the Patriarch’s will, these creatures range widely in ability and stature, and their effect on the battlefield is equally sporadic. What is certain is that they will fight fervently for the Cult until the Patriarch’s grip is loosened, at which point they can disappear as if they never were.

Daemonic Instability is represented by the wealth of underground tunnels and passageways these creatures employ. “Reality Blinks” merely shows the effect of reinforcements from below, while “Banished!” illustrates their cowardice taking hold when the Patriarch is distracted.


Purestrain Genestealers – Bloodletters [10]: Hellblade, anger

Daemonettes [10]: Fleet, Rending, Run +3

The first to answer the call are always the purestrain genestealers, whose innate knowledge of infiltration enables them to hide away in key points of resistance against the Cult, often assassinating leaders before battles even begin. Once the Patriarch’s influence extends their way, they will awaken from their hibernation and strike.

The Bloodletter stat line is closer to real Genestealers, but the Daemonettes have Rending and several movement increases. The major confusion would be the Hellblades, so particularly vicious bladed claws could help explain this?

Brood Mothers – Daemonettes [10]: Fleet, Rending, Run +3

Started with the First, the women of the Cult are venerated as life-bringers, often sequestered away due to their importance in the ever-necessary growth of the Cult. Brood Mothers are those rare female hybrids, their physical deformations often less obvious than respective generations of male hybrids. As with female members of most species, they are vicious in the protection of their young, a trait even stronger within the Cult.

Daemonettes/Witch Elves could be used, with copious green stuff to model Cult clothes on. Then a mix of genestealers arms and claws to fit with the aesthetic. Use the more devolved Daemonette faces for the more mutated hybrids, to illustrate earlier generations. Close combat weapons, no real guns.

Sewer Rat Abhumans – Plaguebearers [10]: Plaguesword, Shrouded, Slow and Purposeful, defensive grenades

A fetid mix of degenerates and abhumans, the mobs that surface in service to the Cult’s Magi are full of the hive’s scum. With a mix of rusty implements and makeshift weaponry, they do not look like much, but when their spines are held firmly by psychic strength they are an incredibly hard bunch to shift.

Pyromaniac Lunatics – Flamers [3]: Jump Infantry, Flames of Tzeentch, reroll 1’s for all saving throws,

The Cult’s cause often attracts outcasts and idiots, but none are more enthusiastic about their cause than the fools who strap themselves into the harnesses of the makeshift jetpacks home-constructed with rudimentary knowledge of projectile motion. Sometimes deadly, usually suicidal, these rebels launch themselves into the fray spouting great gouts of flame.

Catachan troopers elevated from ground on a plume of smoke. Jetpack made from old Ork Stormboy Rokkit, with IG flamer fuel tanks to left and right. These connected to flamer nozzle under each arm, to provide the flame attacks, in a harness. Need to be a little more armoured, welding mask? Use crazed-looking heads!


3x Screamers (good for killing armoured units with no support, fast),

Jetbike, Daemon, Hatred (Nurgle), +3Ld when using powers, reroll 1’s for all saving throws, Instability, Lamprey’s Bite [Melee, S5, AP2, Armourbane] Slashing Attack [as they move over enemies]

3x Plague Drones (fast, tough and survivable),

Jet Pack Cavalry, Plaguesword [Melee, S User, Poisoned (4+), Touch of Rust], Daemon, Hatred (Tzeentch), Shrouded, Slow and Purposeful, defensive grenades, Instability, V. Bulky

3x Fiends (very quick, musk debuffs I by 5 on assault, kill infantry and transports)

Beasts, Daemon, Hatred (Khorne), Fleet, Rending, Run +3, Instability, V. Bulky, Disruptive Song, Sophoric Musk


Herald of Khorne (Axe of Khorne is usually a good choice for monster-hunting)

IC, Hellblade [Melee, S User, AP2], Daemon, Hatred (Slaanesh), Furious Charge, Instability

Can take:    Rewards: Lesser, Greater, Exalted

Loci: Abjuration, Fury, Wrath

Herald of Slaanesh

IC, Daemon, Hatred (Khorne), Fleet, Rending, Run +3 or Cavalry Run +6, Instability,

Can take:    Rewards: Lesser, Greater, Exalted

Loci: Grace, Swiftness (20), Beguilement

Psyker ML1, Steed of Slaanesh, Seeker Chariot


The Lost Child – Keeper of Secrets (extremely quick movement, good in close combat, some psychic powers), Monstrous Creature, Fleet, Rending, Run +3, Instability, Pref. Enemy (Eldar &D. Eldar), Psyker (ML1)

When the space hulk carrying the first Genestealers crashed into the planet, one Genestealer was lost to the view of the soon-to-be Patriarch. The section of the ship in which it was lurking broke off during freefall, falling to the ground a full half way around the world from the hulks final destination. This unlucky Genestealer’s cranium was damaged horrendously in the crash, and it disappeared into hiding, fulfilling only its’ most base of instincts, feeding and recovering as well as it could. Over the time of the Cults’ rise, the alien grew and grew, evolving in an effort to reconnect with its brethren, developing an innate psychic potential.

The brand new boxset for Deathwatch Overkill provides the perfect model for this monster, will its overgrown brain and different evloution look.

Cult Army List
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