“Ever Shall They Grow”: adding metal cult shotgun and autogun Veterans

Woohoo! I’ve made some significant progress on my autogun and shotgun Veteran squads, those that will be part of the Astra Militarum detachment in my force. Handily, they could also be used to fill out squads in a basic cult force, but I will be painting the uniforms with a different coloured fabric to make sure it is obvious what the represent!

The metal models are full of gorgeous detail, but they have a few problems when trying to give them new arms. I’m using a combination of weapons from the Neophyte Hybrids, spare arms from the Cadian range and really old plastic IG arms from 1st edition 40k. So these have required a lot of pinning and plasticard fillers, but it really has been pushing me to get better at this hobby!

Until I manage to clean my other old Cult models, these guys will be the last of the metals I can build. I do have enough in my to-clean pile to finish these squad off, and enough to put only 1 of each base model in each squad.


I’ve now run out of plastic shotguns from the Neophyte Hybrids, but managed to find a few old metal guns in my bits box, probably from Necromunda set, so hopefully can finish off the unit. The meltaguns imply that this unit is gonna go tank-hunting then get smooshed, so the shotguns make sense in case they end up assaulting…for some reason… They definitely do NOT need a heavy weapon team, so the final tally will be a sergeant, 3 meltas and 6 shotguns! Here are a few pictures of these guys: 

I tried to make some different meltaguns for these guys, as I want the Cult to seem fairly scrap-based. They clearly have some technological backing, which you’ll likely see later, but they are still pulling together whatever they can use. Everything is jury-rigged to work for as long as possible, and this squad really shows that.


The autogun squad is completely new, except one of the plasma gunners, and includes a few conversions I’m really proud of. The ammo loader for the heavy weapon team is particularly involved, with a DW Overkill backpack, Cadian arms and a pinned hand supporting a classic Necromunda autogun. The two characters of the lascannon team will be linked by a cable eventually; I’ve drilled out holes in the backpack and Rogue Trader lascannon.  The second plasmagun is also from the old Rogue Trader sprues, a great old part. 

I’m really pleased with how these guys are turning out, and I’m excited to complete the squads once I’ve cleaned up some old models.

Finally, I’ve used the spare torso back from the Acolyte Hybrids box to convert another of the old, terrible Space Hulk hybrids. The above lascannon-toting hybrid is the ONLY one I plan on leaving with that terrible face, and that’s only because I don’t want to mess around with a complete conversion. The new conversion required a lot of carving into the old body, and then a bit of rebuilding on the sides. There are still a few holes, which I’ll probably fill with some liguid Greenstuff before painting. I had a bit of fun cutting the old hands off and replacing them with new ones, to tie the old hybrid designs into the new. 

“Ever Shall They Grow”: adding metal cult shotgun and autogun Veterans
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