Gaunt’s Ghosts: Initial Sketches

Dan Abnett has always done a great job of inspiring descriptions for his characters, and as I was reading through the books I noted down a lot of descriptions, which I’ll eventually put up and link to here.

Firstly, the last picture on this page contains a bit of a SPOILER, so don’t go all the way down if you havent read Sabbat Martyr.

For the general troopers, I started sketching out possible designs, using Cadians and Catachans as base parts. Obviously the capes will have to be made from green stuff or something similar, maybe a tissue paper based method? I don’t know, but green stuff enhancements are shown with green pen. Mkvenner will be built from the Dark Elf Assassin, and Eszrah will likely be accompanied by Cortez’ Psyber Eagle.

Now if you’ve read down to here, I’m assuming you’ve heard of Saint Sabbat. The reincarnation of a centuries-old saint of the Imperium, she appeared on Herodor in front of Gaunt and the Ghosts. I’ll be building her from Saint Celestine, with 9 servo-skulls circling around her, and a shimmering green cloak attached to her modified power pack.

Saint Sabbat

And here’s her description from her first true appearance in the book:

She was beautiful.

She wore a suit of intricately-worked golden battle armour so fine and form-fitting that it had been clearly fashioned for her by master metallurgists. Pieces of polished chelon shell had been set into the bodice and wide pauldrons. Imperial eagles formed the couters at the elbows and the poleyns at the knees, and the same symbol was also etched in repeated ribbons down the thigh plates and along the vambraces. Her left hand was covered with a gilded glove that had silver eagle claws extending from the fingertips. Her right hand was bare. Beneath the dazzling golden plate, she wore a suit of tightly-wound black mail, each link formed in the shape of an islumbine bloom. A white skirt, long and flowing and fixed with purity seals and prayer streamers, billowed from her waist. The heavy golden gorget rose up high to her chin, but her head was uncovered. She’d cut her hair short, sheared it off crudely in fact, so it fell in a glossy black bowl over her pale head. Her eyes were green, as green as an infardi’s silk, as green as the rainwoods of Hagia.

The Beati looked down at Gaunt. A halo of light surrounded her, so fierce and bright it made her seem almost translucent. Nine cyber-skull drones hovered around her in the radiant glow, forming a circle behind her head, their eyes lit, their miniature weapon pods armed. She was terrible to behold.

She smiled.

‘I’ve been waiting for this, Ibram. Haven’t you?’

‘Yes,’ was all he could say. He realised he was weeping, but he didn’t care.

She raised her arms wide. A green cloak unfurled from her back and became wings. A perfect aquila form spread out around her, five metres on either side, not silk but shimmering green light. Behind her head, the double-heads of the Imperial eagle clacked and hissed, encircled by the skull drones.

Gaunt got to his feet. He was so intent on her he knocked his head against the rear fender of the carrier, but his eyes didn’t waver from the vision before him.

He drew his sword and held it out to her, grip first.

‘You’ll need that Ibram,’ she admonished quietly, and drew her own blade. It was slender, silver and well over a metre long. Islumbine garlands were looped around the hilt and jewelled pendants dangled from the pommel. She activated it and the blade thrummed into life.

‘Let us educate the archenemy of mankind,’ she said.

‘What lesson do we teach?’ Gaunt asked.

‘The Emperor protects,’ she said.

Gaunt’s Ghosts: Initial Sketches
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