Gaunt’s Ghosts: Conversions Started

To start off this labour of love, here is Gaunt himself, as I love that model! Brin Milo is to the right, although I’m not a huge fan of his sculpt, and Dorden is furthest right. Medical Officer Curth rounds out the command staff on the left, a model from Urban War, who will eventually receive the medical bag as a satchel. Maybe a slung lasgun as well!

Curth, Gaunt, Milo, Dorden

The Commissariate! That terrifying institution that typically executes members of the Guard to “encourage” the rest…but in the Ghosts they have hardly performed that duty. So far I have made Hark in the centre, whose left arm was cut off by a Loxatl weapon, and whose sword was carefully replaced by a plasma pistol, as he typically has an antique. He still needs a cybernetic eye. On the right in Junior Commissar Ludd, the old “Hero” figure from Schaeffer’s Last Chancers, who has never really had a fixed weapon, often picking up whatever’s available. I’ve also reduced the model’s sword to a Tanith-sized dagger. Finally, Blenner on the left will be received some facial scars, and possibly a bigger belly.

Blenner, Hark, Ludd

Now the sergeants. My Mkoll is in the centre, crouching to inspect some tracks/dirt, and will be receiving lot of gear and a GS cloak. To the left is Varl, who I am increasingly unhappy with, that fist is just massive! Tona Criid is to the far left, needing a cloak and trousers, and “Shoggy” Domor will be built from the bloke right of Mkoll. Those two are from Schaeffer’s as well, and Col. Schaeffer on the far right will be becoming Major Baskevyl, after donating his plasma pistol to Hark.

Criid, Varl, Mkoll, Domor, Baskevyl

The original Tanith models, who will be used for a veteran Scout squad haven’t been touched yet. The central lady will likely become Muril or Banda, expanding her rifle to a Tanith long-las. Colm Corbec stands to the left, but he actually seems rather small in comparison to the non-Tanith models, so I might be building a bigger model, as he is meant to be a beast!

Corbec, Muril, Other Tanith

Larkin leads the snipers of the Tanith from the middle here, with another model from Urban War representing Nessa Bourah, whose rifle will be getting a Tanith makeover. On the left is the sniper from the Last Chancers, who will be any of the other Tanith sniper specialists.

Twenish, Larkin, Bourah

Here are the special weapon troopers, with the old Ox model representing ‘Try-Again’ Bragg. To the left is a final model from Urban War, who I’ll be converting either to have a flamer (becoming Lyse) or an autocannon (Seena). There are two tread-fethers on the right, who currently don’t have any Tanith names. The lying-down model in front will actually be joining the Scout unit, as the Scout flame-Trooper Mkendrick. He still needs his backpack filled with fuel, and a long cloak covering most of his body. I’m pretty pleased with how he’s turning out.

Seena, Bragg, Mkendrick, Other Troopers

And the final group of the First-and-Only that I’ve been working on has been the most time consuming of all, and they are just regular troops! Like Dave Taylor, who has been building a fantastic commission army of Tanith over on his own blog, I’m of the opinion that they wouldn’t have their cloaks on for the entire time. I’m pretty sure there are even mentions in the books of them unfurling the fabric, so instead I’ve been building up a group of troopers with their packs full. The packs are mostly made from vox-casters, but with added gear, helmets and spades, for a variety of use.

Lubba, Other Troopers

Plus Lubba is on the right with his flamer!

Gaunt’s Ghosts: Conversions Started
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