Gaunt’s Ghosts: First-And-Only Details

While reading through the books, I recorded whatever useful pieces of information I found out about the different characters. Here it is all shown, and I realise that I may have missed a lot of details! If you see anything amiss, or want to contribute, please do tell me.

Also, please BEWARE OF SPOILERS. As with any lore-based entry on this blog, if you haven’t read the books (which I HIGHLY recommend, they are great) there are some spoilers around this.

Seriously, just read the books before looking at this, it’s more of a reference sheet for me and other Ghosts readers anyway.

Uniform and Equipment

  • Long stealth capes, with cameleoline fibres to meld into scenery and background.
  • Cross-laced black boots, black fatigue trousers and blouse over standard issue vest and shorts. regulation uniform tends to be adapted by members of the regiment.
  • Webbing supports field pouches and a musette bag.
  • Lightweight, matt-grey cloth armour with moulded body plating
  • Tight, black buckle-under helmet made of ceramite for line duties. Wool cap for scouts. Forage cap or black beret for other duties. But berets are common under fire.
  • Scouts have night vision gear and binoculars, and they are trained to run with their lasrifle following their arm
  • Standard pattern Mark III lasrifle, nalwood stock for the Tanith (T), metal stock for the Verghastites (V).
  • Tanith straight silver, 30cm long knives. Carried by V and T.
  • All carry a tube charge or two each, as well as grenades.
  • Flamers and long-las rifles are one per squad, with support by “Tread-fether” compact rocket launchers and stubbers/autocannons. There are few meltas and plasma weapons, not mentioned much in the books.

Skin and Hair

  1. Tanith, T: fair-skinned and dark haired almost entirely, described as “barbarians”, they generally have a Celtic theme. Lots of blue tattoos abound, and generally are quite large, though not oversized. Entirely a male group.
  2. Verghastites, V and V2: a much more mixed bunch, still generally white, with blonde and red hair colours. From their old hive-city, they are more city dwellers and some were once “gangers”, with black tattoos and scars. Lots of women joined the Ghosts with them. V2 members joined in a second wave.
  3. Belladons, B and B2: many and varied, all sizes and builds, more red-heads and lighter colours. Previously part of a recon regiment, adopted all the Tanith customs, but have a shorter blade and a hardened steel helmet. B2 members joined in a second wave.
  4. Others, O: extra people have been collected on the way, with no common traits.

Named Squads

Mkoll’s veteran scouts – Bonin, Maggs, Hwlan, Caober, Jajjo, Muril, Coir, Mkendrick

Rawne’s merciless band – Feygor, Caffran, Criid, Banda

Corbec’s dedicated unit

Bray’s tightly-drilled, tightly-disciplined squad

Soric’s determined, courageous mob

Varl’s Tanith – Bragg, Larkin

Kolea’s Verghastites – Nessa, Cuu, taken over by Criid

Named Characters

Commanding Officers

Colonel-Commissar Gaunt – O, straw blonde hair, gains augmetic eyes with no real difference in look to his old eyes, bolt pistol and the Sword of Heironymo (electric blue)

Colonel Colbec – T, big, lots of dark hair and beard, bare arms with a tattoo around them

Colonel Wilder, L – B, well-made, dark haired, clean-shaven, lady-killer squint

Major Rawne – T, dark hair, shaven star around eye, leather coat, with laspistol

Major Kolea – V, big, miner, axe-rake

Major Baskevyl – B, with laspistol

Major “Pasha” Petrushkevskaya – V2, middle-age, strong, slightly haggard, tall, Verghastite spiked helm


Commissar Hark – O, portly/big, short black hair, ancient plasma pistol, lost left arm and eye (arm replaced by cybernetic), snub-nose hard-slug revolver

Junior Commissar Ludd – O, young, red laspistol, auto-snub, lasrifle, dark blue junior commissariat sash

Commissar Blenner – O, portly, allocated to the Belladons

Commissar Fazekiel – O, handsome woman, obsessively clean and punctual, buttoned stormcoat

Commissar Novobasky – O, grizzled and lithe, stern faced, Hark’s pistol

Military Officers

Captain Daur – V, not a big man, tall, clean-cut, youthful, dark almost black hair, Vervun PDF, organised, enthusiastic

Captain “Shoggy” Domor – T, bulging artificial eyes, sweep broom, auspex

Captain Meryn – T, follows Rawne’s example and is getting to be quite vicious

Captain Kolosim – B, burly, redhead, scout

Captain Wilder, J – B2, younger, slighter version of Colonel Wilder, captain of band

Captain Raglon – T, was a vox-officer, takes over Corbec’s unit, sweeper kit

Captain Arcuda – V, long and thin face, medium build

Captain Zhukova – V2, shorter, very neatly pretty, olive skin, short black ponytail

Captain Obel – T, Captain Spetnin – V, Captain Varaine – B, Captain Kamori – B, Captain Callide – B

Scout-Sergeant Mkoll – T, short, compact, hair, oldish, life-scarred hands, peerless scout

Sergeant Varl – T, lean and taut, bulky artificial left arm, young, sunglasses

Sergeant Soric – V, Smeltery Irregulars, one eye, bulky, hunched build, bald, older than Dorden, LOST 7, becomes sanctioned psyker and a wreck of his former self

Sergeant Criid, T – V, young woman, “alluring body”, blonde bangs then long brick-brown hair, Ganger, piercings, fur-trimmed bomber jacket, with las pistol and a fancy skull dagger, most of right hand replaced by cybernetic

Sergeant Caffran – T, young, small, well-built, beret, “best rocket lobber in regiment”, tread-fether

Sergeant Haller – V, big guy, prone to flab but keeps fit, Vervun Primary, still wears spiked helmet

Sergeant Bray – T, Sergeant Baffels – T, Sergeant Luffrey

Medical Staff

Chief Medic Dorden – T, grey hair, old, apron with blood stains, no weapon

Surgeon Curth – V, woman, laspistol, can shoot lasrifles, red medic overalls, dermo-syringe, blonde, lho-sticks

Doctor Kolding – O, albino, skinny, dark glasses, picked up on Balhaut

Orderly Lesp – T, tall, thin, big Adam’s apple in thin neck, medical orderly and soldier, permanently ink-stained fingers

Doctor Mtane – T, Orderly Foskin – T, Orderly Chayker – T, Orderly Leclan – T


Beltayn – T, small, boyish, adjutant to Gaunt, with autopistol, very customised vox-caster

Feygor – T, big, tall, sneaky, voice enhancer on throat, adjutant to Rawne, with laspistol, likes explosives

Criid, D – V, young, beret like Caffran, adjutant to Meryn

Rerval – T, adjutant to Kolea

Bannard – B, adjutant to Kolosim

Chiria – V, slim and pretty, very scarred face, adjutant to Domor

Mohr – V, adjutant to Daur

Vivvo – V, adjutant to Soric

Keshlan – B, adjutant to Wilder, big vox-caster

Fargher –T, adjutant to Meryn

Esteven – B

Fapes – , adjutant to Baskevyl


Mkvenner – T, black hair, tall, lean, blue half moon under left eye, “chlwahl”, uses bayonetted lasrifle or fighting staff, solid-ammo pistol

Bonin – T, darkly handsome, metal vertebrae and pelvis joint, “lucky”

Maggs – B, little vertical scar from left eye down, short, broad-shouldered, lost top of right ear

Caober – T, old set of pipes

Jajjo – V, dark-skinned

Muril – V, dark haired in bun, tall, lean, sniper before scout before death

Mkendrick – T, both a flame-trooper and a scout

Leyr – T, thin, middle aged

Coir – T, uses antique single shot las-lock pistol in Hindenhaus

Mkeller – T, oldish, close cut grey hair

Hwlan – T, Oflyn – T, Mklane – T, Baen – T, Livara – V, Preed – T, Suth – T, Marakof – V, Burnstine – B, Buckren – B, Logris – T, Doyl – T, Baru – T


Master Sniper Larkin – T, old, wiry, small for Tanith, nalwood foot and brace, custom long-las with special scope emitting red glow

Banda – V, feminine, short brown hair

Bourah – V, deaf, beautiful blue eyes

Twenish – V, Vervun PDF, huge night scope, bipod, ceramite stock

Rilke – T, long-pattern needle-las

Raess – T, Questa – B, Kaydey – B

Flame Troopers

Brostin – T, big, heavy, “bear-like oaf”, inked, hairy, bushy moustache, lots of tattoos, with laspistol

Neskon – T, with laspistol, augmetic leg

Lyse – V, broad-shouldered, black vest top, muscled arms, goggles

Lubba – V, short and heavy brute, covered in barbaric tattoos

Dremmond – T, gash on neck, younger, short and dark hair

Furrian – T, Nitorri – V, Frontelle – V, Mkella – T, Zered – B, Sairus

Heavy Weapon Teams

Bragg – T, autocannon or heavy bolter or rocket launcher, HUGE

Genx – T, autocannon, big, bulky, young

Seena – V, stubber/autocannon, young woman, plump, black slouch cap, paired with Arilla

Surch – T or V, autocannon, paired with Loell

Belker – autocannon, paired with Finz

Bool – autocannon, paired with Mkan

Melyr – T, autocannon or tread-fether, large build, shaved head, paired with Caill

Guheen – T, tread-fether, paired with Coreas

Gonry – B, tread-fether, scrawny, little

Hefron – V, tread-fether, Harwen – B, tread-fether, Gespelder – B, tread-fether

Arilla – V, ammo humper, young woman, skinny, paired with Seena

Loell – T or V, ammo humper, paired with Surch

Finz – ammo humper, paired with Belker

Mkan – T, ammo humper, paired with Bool

Mktag – T, ammo humper, paired with Bragg

Caill – T, ammo humper, paired with Bragg then Melyr

Coreas – T, ammo humper, paired with Guheen

Dunik – T or V, ammo humper

Colours Band

Bandmaster Sergeant Major Yerolemew – B, tall, older, lined face, vague trace of white hair,  mighty square-cut beard, monocle, golden baton, no right arm

Erish – B, big guy, heavily muscled, standard bearer, clash symbals

Elway – B, field drummer

Perday – B, brass helicon

Gorus – B, woodwind

Cohran – B, tall, well-made, good looking, lyre

Significant Troopers

Milo – T, youngest, pipes, with laspistol

Merrt – T, sniper until lost his jaw, artificial jaw and right side of face slightly hidden by skin, gun saying 0E4TH/DEATH, regains long-las later

Cant – B, huge gash around neck

Cuu – V, slim, smaller than Larkin, muscled, tattoed extensively, scar from top to bottom of face, skull and crossbones on hand, Ganger

Costin – T, red-faced, drunkard

Gutes – T, old, tired-looking, scraggly hair, mess-tin collector

Cullwoe – B, young, bony, freckled, red-headed, friends with Dalin Criid

Other Troopers

Tanith: Mktally, Mkaninch, Mklaek, Brennan

Verghastite: Garond

Belladon: Twenzet, Laydly, Gonlevy, LaHurf, Judd, Cardass,

Undefined Yet: Tokar, Ezlan, Nehn, Brennan, LaHurf, Nomis, Wersun, Derin, Neith, Starck, Pollo, Nirriam, Vahgner, Mktally, Kabry, Irvin, Bewl, Veddekin, Wersun, Vanette

Significant Members [Major Spoilers!]

Eszrah ap Niht/Ezra Night – O, very tall, round bald head, sharp features, gray skin-paint, army fatigues and kit, camo cloak, weathered sunglasses, gourd flasks on belts, reyn-bow with a tube like barrel and crossbow prongs at a more acute angle and a ball on each end, metal quarrels

Chass – dainty, frail, very young, adolescent, thin and narrow face, blond hair, Gaunt’s son

Lifeguard Darebeloved – V, lithe, startling beauty, shaved fine down of hair, armoured bodyglove, steel rose in lapel, shrouded weapon at hip – ornate laspistol,

Ayatani Zweil – O, Chaplain, robes, long, grey, wispy beard, rood topped with eagle, “skirts”, military boots, golden censor on chain, silver eagle on a neck chain

Psyber Eagle – V, double-headed, Ezra Night can get it to perch on his arm

Gaunt’s Ghosts: First-And-Only Details
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